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Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money
by Ken Honda
published by Gallery Books

Ken Honda—Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru—knows that getting rich quick is no way to achieve happiness. Too often, money is a source of fear, stress, and anger, often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives. We like to think money is just a number or a piece of paper, but it is so much more than that. Money has the ability to smile, it changes when it is given with a certain feeling, and the energy with which it imbues us impacts not only ourselves, but others as well.

Bedtime Stories for Managers: Farewell to Lofty Leadership. . . Welcome Engaging Management
by Henry Mintzberg
published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Management legend Henry Mintzberg (whose Berrett-Koehler books have sold over 225,000 copies worldwide) says we need to bring managing down from thin air and onto solid ground. Leaders need to be deeply rooted in what's happening on the front lines, not isolated in the privileged confines of the boardroom.

Tailored Wealth Management
by Niall Gannon
published by Palgrave Macmillan

Niall is a Private Wealth Advisor to ultra-high-net-worth investors and lead member of the Gannon Group. He has been recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 Financial Advisors by Barron’s and Registered Rep. He is author of Investing Strategies for the High Net-Worth Investor: Maximize Returns on Taxable Portfolios (McGraw-Hill, 2009). In 2018 he published The Efficient Valuation Hypothesis in Seeking Alpha.

The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future
by Skip Prichard
published by Center Street

The Book of Mistakes will take you on an inspiring journey, following an ancient manuscript with powerful lessons that will transform your life. You'll meet David, a young man who with each passing day is more disheartened and stressed. Despite a decent job, apartment, and friends, he just feels hollow . . . until one day he meets a mysterious young woman and everything starts to change.

Cyber Smart: Five Habits to Protect Your Family, Money, and Identity from Cyber Criminals
by Bart McDonough
published by Wiley

An easy-to-read guide to protecting your digital life and your family online. The rise of new technologies in our lives, which has taken us from powerful mobile phones to fitness trackers and smart appliances in under a decade, has also raised the need for everyone who uses these to protect themselves from cyber scams and hackers.

The Punk Rock of Business: Applying a Punk Rock Attitude in the Modern Business Era
by Jeremy Dale
published by Greenleaf Book Group Press

Author Jeremy Dale believes that too many businesses create an environment that encourages mediocrity and corporate norms that deliver lukewarm results at best. In The Punk Rock of Business, Dale offers a road map away from average and towards innovation through a mindset rooted in punk rock principles.

The Geometry of Wealth: How to Shape a Life of Money and Meaning
by Brian Portnoy
published by Harriman House

In The Geometry of Wealth, behavioral finance expert Brian Portnoy delivers an inspired answer, building on the critical distinction between being rich and being wealthy. While one is an unsatisfying treadmill, the other is the ability to underwrite a meaningful life, however one chooses to define that. Truly viewed, wealth is funded contentment.

Straight Talk for Startups: 100 Insider Rules for Beating the Odds—From Mastering the Fundamentals to Selecting Investors, Fundraising, Managing Boards, and Achieving Liquidity
by Randy Komisar
published by HarperBusiness

Veteran venture capitalist Randy Komisar and finance executive Jantoon Reigersman share no-nonsense, counterintuitive guidelines to help anyone build a successful startup. Over the course of their careers, Randy Komisar and Jantoon Reigersman continue to see startups crash and burn because they forget the timeless lessons of entrepreneurship.

Superhero Ethics: 10 Comic Book Heroes; 10 Ways to Save the World; Which One Do We Need Most Now?
by Travis Smith
published by Templeton Press

Whether in comic books or on movie screens, superhero stories are where many people first encounter questions about how they should conduct their lives. Although these outlandish figures—in their capes, masks, and tights, with their unbelievable origins and preternatural powers—are often dismissed as juvenile amusements, they really are profound metaphors for different approaches to shaping one's character and facing the challenges of life.

Can Business Save the Earth?: Innovating Our Way to Sustainability
by Michael Lenox
published by Stanford Business Books

Increasingly, business leaders are tasked with developing new products, services, and business models that minimize environmental impact while driving economic growth. It's a tall order—and a call that is only getting louder. In Can Business Save the Earth?, Michael Lenox and Aaron Chatterji explain just how the private sector can help.

Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms
by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson
published by Running Press

From the creators of the hit podcast comes an interactive self-help guide for creative entrepreneurs, where they share their best tools and tactics on "being boss" in both business and life.

Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out
by Mark Miller and Lucas Conley
published by McGraw-Hill Education

Most of us are familiar with the traditional way of looking at legacy―something preserved in the past. Traditional legacy is all around us, evidenced by the steady churn of autobiographies, bequests, commemorations, and dedications we are forever leaving in our collective cultural wake. This is not the legacy you will find in this book.

Servant Leadership in Action: How You Can Achieve Great Relationships and Results
by Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell
published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

We've seen the negative impact of self-serving leaders in every sector of our society. Not infrequently, they end up bringing down their entire organization. But there is another way. Servant leaders lead by serving their people, not by exalting themselves. In this collection, edited by legendary business author and lifelong servant leader Ken Blanchard and his longtime editor Renee Broadwell, leading businesspeople, bestselling authors, and spiritual leaders offer tools for implementing this proven—but for some, still radical—leadership model.

Stop Selling & Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen
by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
published by Wiley

In the Age of the Customer, sales effectiveness depends mightily on the buyer experience. Despite nearly-universal agreement on the need for creating value in every step of the buyer's journey, sellers continue to struggle with how to create that value and connect meaningfully with buyers. New research bridges the gap and reveals the behavioral blueprint for sellers that makes buyers more likely to meet with them — and more likely to buy from them.

Start a Successful Business: Expert Advice to Take Your Startup from Idea to Empire (Inc. Magazine)
by Colleen DeBaise
published by AMACOM

Let Inc. help launch your dreams! Makers, doers, and dreamers—for decades they have turned to Inc. for help in getting their businesses off the ground. The publication's keen advice clarifies the process, while startup stories fuel aspirations and spark action.

Burn the Business Plan: What Great Entrepreneurs Really Do
by Carl J. Schramm
published by Simon & Schuster

"The evangelist of entrepreneurship" (The Economist) reveals the true stories about how a range of entrepreneurs created their successful start-ups: hint, many of them never began with a business plan. Business schools teach that the most important prerequisite for starting a business is a business plan. Nonsense, says Carl Schramm...

Recruit Rockstars: The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners and Ignite Your Business
by Jeff Hyman
published by Lioncrest Publishing

Ninety percent of business problems are actually recruiting problems in disguise. If you’re filling your company’s vacant positions with B-players, you’re playing with fire. Instead, hire Rockstars to build an organization with limitless potential. Recruit Rockstars shows you how to find, hire, and keep the best of the best.

The Integrity Advantage: Step into Your Truth, Love Your Life, and Claim Your Magnificence
by Kelley Kosow
published by Sounds True

Before Kelley Kosow was a renowned life coach and CEO, she constantly second-guessed herself, let her "to-do" lists and others steer her dreams and passions, and played it "small and safe." Inspired by the groundbreaking principles of her renowned mentor Debbie Ford, who hand-picked Kelley to be her successor, The Integrity Advantage is Kelley’s step-by-step guide for facing the fear, shame, and false beliefs that cause us to lose our way.

Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition
by Andy Cunningham
published by McGraw-Hill

From the marketing strategist who helped Steve Jobs launch the original Apple Macintosh comes a groundbreaking guide to positioning any company for industry dominance. Andy Cunningham has been at the forefront of tech and innovation since day one, and she’s been helping companies create new product categories ever since. Now she reveals the winning framework she uses to transform markets and industries.

Creative Clarity: A Practical Guide for Bringing Creative Thinking Into Your Company
by Jon Kolko
published by Brown Bear Publishing

Most companies don't know what creativity really is, so they can't benefit from it. They lack creative clarity. This book is primarily for people in charge of driving strategic change through an organization. If you are a line manager responsible for exploring a horizon of opportunity, the book will help you establish a culture of creative product development in which your teams can predictably deliver creative results.

Your No Fear Career, 2nd Edition
by Robin Fisher Roffer
published by Big Fish Marketing

In her fourth book, Robin Fisher Roffer teaches readers through personal stories how to navigate their career fearlessly, push through adversity and shed what no longer works. Whether you are in fashion or dentistry, an artist or a CEO, Roffer's proven tools clarify your true purpose and empower you to set goals that will transform your career, and your life.

Make a Name for Yourself: 8 Steps Every Woman Needs to Create a Personal Brand Strategy for Success (Audiobook)
by Robin Fisher Roffer
published by Robin Fisher Roffer

In Make a Name for Yourself, Robin Fisher Roffer shows you how to develop a unique, personal brand strategy for success by defining your true purpose, identifying your attributes, values and passions, and how to use them in today's marketplace.

Design Thinking for the Greater Good
by Jeanne Liedtka, Randy Salzman, and Daisy Azer
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

Facing especially wicked problems, social sector organizations are searching for powerful new methods to understand and address them. Design Thinking for the Greater Goodgoes in depth on both the how of using new tools and the why.

One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work With a Mentor--And Why You'll Benefit from Being One
by Ken Blanchard
published by William Morrow

While most people agree that having a mentor is a good thing, they don’t know how to find one or use one. And despite widespread approval for the idea of being a mentor, most people don’t think they have the time or skills to do so.

Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Common Traps in Life & Work
by David M.R. Covey and Stephan Mardyks
published by Wiley

Trap Tales is your guide to avoiding seven obstacles that ensnare people every day. We all fall into traps, and we often don't even realize it until we're firmly entrenched, struggling for air—and the harder we try to climb out, the deeper we sink. But what if there were another way? What if we could spot traps from a distance, and avoid them entirely? In this book, authors David M. R. Covey and Stephan M. Mardyks train you in the art of Trapology.

Trend Following, 5th Edition: How to Make a Fortune in Bull, Bear and Black Swan Markets
by Michael W. Covel
published by Wiley

Want to take the financial journey to a new investing philosophy that might very well affect the rest of your moneymaking life? No one can guarantee the yellow brick road, but Michael Covel promises the red pill will leave you wide awake

The Power of Positive Leadership
by Jon Gordon
published by Wiley

The Power of Positive Leadership is your personal coach for becoming the leader your people deserve. Storyteller Jon Gordon crafts the fables that inspire great leadership: The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, and others have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world achieve their true leadership potential.

Lifestorming: Creating Meaning and Achievement in Your Career and Life
by Alan Weiss and Marshall Goldsmith
published by Wiley

Lifestorming is the indispensably practical handbook for becoming the person you want to be. Redesign your life, friends, behaviors, and beliefs to move closer to your goals every single day, guided by expert insight and deep introspection. Written by a veteran author team behind almost 100 books on human behavior, this guide helps you learn why you do things the way you do them, and how to do them better.

The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations
by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
published by Wiley

The Leadership Challenge is the gold-standard manual for effective leadership, grounded in research and written by the premier authorities in the field. With deep insight into the complex interpersonal dynamics of the workplace, this book positions leadership both as a skill to be learned, and as a relationship that must be nurtured to reach its full potential.

High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant
by Scott Wintrip
published by McGraw-Hill

Nothing drives business success like a staff of talented, productive employees. So why accept a hiring process that fails you time and time again? Well, there's one person who doesn't: Scott Wintrip. And in High-Velocity Hiring, he provides the tools and systems for creating a hiring process designed for today's fast-paced, talent-deficient landscape.

The Big Book of Dashboards: Visualizing Your Data Using Real-World Business Scenarios
by Steven Wexler, Jeffrey Shaffer, Andy Cotgreave
published by Wiley

The definitive reference book with real-world solutions you won't find anywhere else. The Big Book of Dashboards presents a comprehensive reference for those tasked with building or overseeing the development of business dashboards.

The Simple Truths of Service
by Ken Blanchard
published by Sourcebooks

From international bestselling author Ken Blanchard. . . Your competitive edge in today's business environment is all about the power of loyalty. So if you want to succeed, it's time to think outside the box of traditional customer service.

Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot—and Relaunch Their Careers
by Wendy Sachs
published by Amacom

We are in the midst of a wild job market. Women hear words like hustle and grit and are told we need to think strategically, cultivate our own brands, and sell ourselves. But how do we do that? How do we pivot or radically relaunch our careers? How do we become unapologetically bold and badass—the boss of our own future?

The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide: Advice on Taxes, Investing, Real Estate, and Retirement for Global Families in the U.S. and Abroad
by Andrew Fisher
published by Wiley

The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide is the long-awaited financial handbook for cross border families, with expert insight from a financial advisor who specializes in expat issues. Whether you're an American living abroad, or foreign-born and living in the U.S., this book demystifies the complex issues surrounding the worldwide tax system.

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson
published by Wiley

This is the highly anticipated third edition of the best-selling book which has become the definitive resource for understanding venture capital fundraising. Whether you are an entrepreneur, lawyer, student or just have an interest in the venture capital ecosystem, Venture Deals is for you.

Life Word: Discover Your One Word to Leave a Legacy
by Jon Gordon
published by Wiley

In One Word that will Change your Life authors Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page helped readers discover their yearly word to live with more intention, focus and purpose. Now with Life Word they help readers discover a word that will significantly impact their life and legacy.

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2017: For Preparing Your 2016 Tax Return
by J.K. Lasser Institute
published by Wiley

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2017 puts America's most trusted tax advice to work to help you with your 2016 tax return. Reader-friendly and easy to use, this book answers your most pressing questions to help you maximize your tax savings.

A Capitalist's Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America
by Leland Faust
published by Skyhorse Publishing

Leland Faust unmasks Wall Street's unsavory tactics in powerful detail by giving readers a high-level view of how the financial services industry misleads them, overcharges them, and exposes them to needless risk. He documents the financial industry's alluring come-ons, airbrushed risks, high-stakes gambling, half-truths, misleading statements, outlandish predictions, tricks to overcharge customers, bad deals, and outright fraud by the most prominent and renowned of Wall Street's players.

Soul Over Matter: Ancient and Modern Wisdom and Practical Techniques to Create Unlimited Financial Abundance
by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha
published by BenBella Books

Combine ancient Eastern and modern Western wisdom, mix in proven techniques from both a CEO and a legendary soul healer, and you get Soul Over Matter. Designed for readers at every level of economic experience, this book gives you a unique and powerful path to financial abundance.

Breaking the Trust Barrier: How Leaders Close the Gaps for High Performance
by JV Venable
published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

All team leaders worry and wonder about improving team performance. Using his experience leading the precision Thunderbirds aerobatic team, JV Venable shows that "closing the gaps" is the job of leaders and followers alike.

The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great
by Joel Peterson
published by AMACOM

Trust is the glue that holds an organization together. It turns deflection into transparency, suspicion into empowerment, and conflict into creativity. With it, a tiny company like John Deere grew into a worldwide leader. Without it, a giant corporation like Enron toppled.

Online Marketing for Busy Authors: A Step-by-Step Guide
by Fauzia Burke
published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Fauzia Burke takes authors step by step through the process of identifying their unique personal brand, defining their audience, clarifying their aspirations and goals, and setting priorities.

The 2016 Road to Reinvention conference with Vijay Gurbaxani
by Vijay Gurbaxani
published by Center for Digital Transformation

Structured as a one-day executive forum, the Road to Reinvention will provide participants with new knowledge, contrasting viewpoints and actionable insights from peers who are building and reinventing organizations to succeed in the digital economy.

The Mindfulness Edge: How to Rewire Your Brain for Leadership and Personal Excellence Without Adding to Your Schedule
by Matt Tenney
published by Wiley

The authors make a compelling case for why mindfulness training may be the 'ultimate success habit.' In addition to helping you improve the most essential elements of highly effective leadership, mindfulness training can help you discover unconditional happiness and realize incredible meaning -- professionally and personally.

Endless Encores: Repeating Success Through People, Products, and Profits
by Ken Goldstein
published by The Story Plant

Technology executive and bestselling author Ken Goldstein shows the way to repeating success by concentrating on three essentials – people, products, and profits, in that order.

50 Plus!: Critical Career Decisions for the Rest of Your Life
by Robert L. Dilenschneider
published by Citadel

Whether you intend to find a new career direction, grow within the field you know, start your own business, or are finally ready to realize a long-held dream, this inspiring and fact-filled guide provides a game plan for success.

Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal
by Robbie Bach
published by Brown Publishing

Using the 3P Framework of Purpose, Principles, and Priorities developed by the Xbox team, Microsoft's former Chief Xbox Officer, Robbie Bach, takes business, non-profit, and community-engaged readers on the Xbox journey - a triumphant saga from garage-shop beginnings to business success.

Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed
by George S. Everly Jr., Ph.D., Douglas A. Strouse, Ph.D., and Dennis K. McCormack, Ph.D.,
published by AMACOM

Why do some people succumb to stress, while others thrive? Stronger: Develop the Resilience You Need to Succeed explores the science behind resilience in order to offer readers a better understanding of how they can resist crumbling under pressure.

The Business of Family: How to Stay Rich for Generations
by Linda Davis Taylor
published by Palgrave Macmillan

The Business of Family is not a business book about how to make money. The Business of Family is about the most important business of all—your family.

Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs That Fill Your Day
by Craig Lambert
published by Counterpoint

Shadow work includes all the unpaid tasks we do on behalf of businesses and organizations. It has slipped into our routines stealthily; most of us do not realize how much of it we are already doing, even as we pump our own gas, scan and bag our own groceries, execute our own stock trades, and build our own unassembled furniture. But its presence is unmistakable, and its effects far-reaching.

The Simplicity Cycle: A Field Guide to Making Things Better Without Making Them Worse
by Dan Ward
published by HarperBusiness

An engaging and accessible field guide that equips readers with practical tools to produce elegant, effective designs. It takes a deep but lighthearted look at the way complexity enhances or diminishes the things we make and use and shows readers why simplicity is the key to innovation and good design—whether you're creating new products, services, or consumer experiences.

Are You Fully Charged?: The 3 Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life
by Tom Rath
published by Silicon Guild

From Tom Rath, author of five NYT and WSJ bestsellers with over 6 million copies sold. Drawing on the latest and most practical research from business, psychology, and economics, this book focuses on changes we can make to create better days for ourselves and others.

Confronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System
by Philip Kotler
published by AMACOM

Amidst its dire assessment of what's ailing us, Confronting Capitalism delivers a heartening message: We can turn things around. Combining economic history, expert insight, business lessons, and recent data, this landmark book elucidates today's critical dilemmas and suggests solutions for returning to a healthier, more sustainable Capitalism—that works for all.

The Greening of Asia: The Business Case for Solving Asia's Environmental Emergency
by Mark L. Clifford
published by Columbia University Press

One of Asia’s best-respected writers on business and economy, Hong Kong-based author Mark L. Clifford provides a behind-the-scenes look at what companies in China, India, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand are doing to build businesses that will lessen the environmental impact of Asia’s extraordinary economic growth.

Dave Yarin
by Dave Yarin
published by Dave Yarin

By drawing on both prominent and lesser-known news stories throughout history, Dave Yarin explores the aspects of human nature that prevents us from acting on warnings from credible sources, armed with credible data, in both the business setting and in our personal lives.

Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life
by Dr. Nancy O'Reilly
published by Adams Media

This book delivers: Hard-won insights and advice from 20 smart, amazing women leaders. No-nonsense discussion about the issues affecting the evolution of women into leaders. Useful tools to help you claim a larger role and overcome internal barriers. Inspiration from women who reach out effectively to improve the world.

The End of Employer-Provided Health Insurance: Why It's Good for You, Your Family, and Your Company
by Paul Zane Pilzer and Rick Lindquist
published by Wiley

A comprehensive guide to utilizing new individual health plans to save 20 to 60 percent on health insurance. This book is written to ensure that you, your family, and your company get your fair share of the trillions of dollars the U.S. government will spend subsidizing individual health insurance plans between now and 2025.

Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue
by Mitzi Perdue
published by Significance Press

This is the story of how Frank Perdue built his chicken and grain company from a father and son operation to an international company that today employs 19,000 people and sells to more than 100 countries. The general public, and in particular, the millions who knew him in their living rooms through the folksy ads that made him the number one marketer in the country, will enjoy knowing what this entertaining and brilliant man was really like.

The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About How to Choose a Career, Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be a Leader, Start a Business, Manage Your Money, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live A Happy Life
by Ben Carpenter
published by Wiley

In addition to being a captivating story, with lessons learned from one’s man life and career, The Bigs gives you all the real world secrets and tools you need to survive, thrive, and have fun in the big leagues of life.

Leadership Blindspots: How Successful Leaders Identify and Overcome the Weaknesses That Matter
by Robert Bruce Shaw
published by Jossey-Bass

The book examines the most common types of blindspots and provides worksheets and tools to help individuals at all levels of a company avoid being blindsided by weaknesses and threats that they don’t see or understand. Includes case studies examining how blindspots operate, using examples from top firms.

The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism
by Jeremy Rifkin
published by Palgrave Macmillan

In The Zero Marginal Cost Society, Jeremy Rifkin describes how the emerging Internet of Things is speeding us to an era of nearly free goods and services, precipitating the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative Commons and the eclipse of capitalism.

The Safe Investor: How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy
by Tim McCarthy
published by Palgrave Macmillan

Expert investor Timothy McCarthy helps guide the reader along a straightforward path to investment success by telling engaging and actual stories to illustrate each of his seven lessons of successful investing.

Taking Down the Lion: The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski
by Catherine S. Neal
published by Palgrave Macmillan

Taking Down the Lion is a compelling inside look at the controversial CEO. In an unfiltered view of corporate America, Catherine Neal pulls back the curtain to reveal a world of big business, ambition, money, and an epidemic of questionable ethics that infected not only business dealings but extended to attorneys, journalists, politicians, and the criminal justice system.

The Investor's Paradox: The Power of Simplicity in a World of Overwhelming Choice
by Brian Portnoy
published by Palgrave Macmillan

The Investor's Paradox fills a wide void in the literature for those seeking the right path forward, one that is neither overly technical nor oversimplified. Finding simplicity in a complex world isn't necessarily easy, but the payoff is enormous.

The Curious One: From Food Stamps to CEO - One Woman's Journey through Struggle, Tragedy, Success and Love
by Chelsea Berler
published by Chelsea Berler

Chelsea Berler is living proof that dreams can come true… that a person can go from food stamps, struggles, and tragedies to become a successful CEO and author. Driven and resourceful, she is a flourishing entrepreneur at 30, with business savvy that’s been honed to perfection, and an experienced marketing pro and successful author.

The Critical First Years of Your Professional Life
by Robert L. Dilenschneider
published by Kensington Publishing Corporation

The first years of your professional life are critical to long-term success in any field. The skills you acquire, the contacts you make, and the lessons you learn will help you remain involved, adaptable, and always ahead of the curve. Now a seasoned veteran of the workplace shares his insights, tips, and experiences in a thoroughly updated edition of a career-planning classic.

The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Solider to Succeed and Lead in Life
by Mark Divine with Allyson Edelhertz Machate
published by Reader's Digest

Ex-Navy Commander Mark Divine reveals exercises, meditations and focusing techniques to train your mind for mental toughness, emotional resilience and uncanny intuition. A practical guide for businesspeople or anyone who wants to be an elite operator in life,

The Risk Advantage: Embracing the Entrepreneur's Unexpected Edge
by Tom Panaggio
published by River Grove Books

The book is designed as a guide for those who are contemplating an entrepreneurial pursuit, are already engaged in building a business, or are currently working for someone else and want to inject their entrepreneurial ideas and attitude.

Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight
by John W. Foreman
published by Wiley

Most people are approaching data science all wrong. Here's how to do it right. Data science is little more than using straight-forward steps to process raw data into actionable insight. And in Data Smart, author and data scientist John Foreman will show you how that's done within the familiar environment of a spreadsheet.

Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible
by Brian Tracy and Michael Tracy
published by AMACOM

From a world-renowned selling guru, Unlimited Sales Success is the selling profes­sion­al’s bible of the most crucial, hard-won, powerful sales lessons ever learned. Now Brian Tracy is teamed with his sales executive son Michael to lay bare the fundamentals of selling in today’s complex, relationship-driven sales arena, identifying the best practices of top performers

POWER: How J.D. Power III Became the Auto Industry’s Adviser, Confessor, and Eyewitness to History
by Sarah Morgans and Bill Thorness
published by Fenwick Publishing

POWER is a compelling study of an intelligent, polite, market-research wonk who unblinkingly spoke truth to power, and ended up making customer satisfaction a watchword not just in automotive but in all manufacturing and service industries.

Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works
by Jeanne Liedtka, Randy Salzman, and Daisy Azer
published by Columbia University Press

Design-oriented firms such as Apple and IDEO have demonstrated how design thinking can directly affect business results. Solving Problems with Design Thinking details ten real-world examples of managers who successfully applied design methods at top companies; entrepreneurial start-ups; and government and social sector organizations.

Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO's Quest for Meaning and Authenticity
by August Turak
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

In addition to his work as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, and consultant, for the last sixteen years August Turak worked alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey, watching firsthand as they undertook new enterprises and sustained an incredibly successful business practice.

Loveworks: How the world's top marketers make emotional connections to win in the marketplace
by Brian Sheehan
published by powerHouse Books

Loveworks provides real world business examples and outlines the roadmaps followed by several famous brands to achieve Lovemark status. Loveworks shows in detail how many of the world's top marketing companies have won in the marketplace through the application of Lovemarks theory.

Citizens DisUnited: Passive Investors, Drone CEOs, and the Corporate Capture of the American Dream
by Robert A.G. Monks
published by Miniver Press

An experienced, highly successful businessman, Fortune 500 board member, lawyer and former public official explains how a very few individuals could reverse the trends that threaten the very fabric of the United States -- and calls them out by name.

Stiletto Network: Inside the Women's Power Circles That Are Changing the Face of Business
by Pamela Ryckman
published by AMACOM

More women are running major companies than ever before. During the past few years, women's groups have been coalescing in every major American city. Formidable ladies across professions are convening at unprecedented rates, forming salons, dinner groups, and networking circles, and collaborating to achieve clout and success. A new girls' network is alive and set to hyperdrive. "Stiletto Network" is about those groups.

Data Points: Visualization That Means Something
by Nathan Yau
published by Wiley

Whether it's statistical charts, geographic maps, or the snappy graphical statistics you see on your favorite news sites, the art of data graphics or visualization is fast becoming a movement of its own. Author Nathan Yau presents an intriguing complement to his bestseller Visualize This, this time focusing on the graphics side of data analysis.

What's the Future of Business?: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences
by Brian Solis
published by Wiley

What's the Future of Business? teaches you how to start creating and nurturing incredible and shareable experiences for your customers from the moment your brand touches them. Learn how to craft experiences that mean something. The future of your business depends on it.

Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die
by Eric Siegel
published by Wiley

Predictive analytics is the science that unleashes the power of data. With this technology, the computer literally learns from data how to predict the future behavior of individuals. In this rich, entertaining primer, former Columbia University professor and Predictive Analytics World co-founder Eric Siegel reveals the power and perils of prediction

Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing
by Hod Lipson and Melba Kurman
published by Wiley

Fabricated offers you practical and imaginative insight into the question, "How will 3D printing change my life?" This book is an informative and fast-paced exploration of 3D printing technologies and the people who use them. You'll take a journey to design studios, businesses, schools, and cutting-edge research labs. Based on hundreds of hours of interviews, Fabricated explores the promise and peril of a 3D printed present and future.

Fearless at Work: Timeless Teachings for Awakening Confidence, Resilience, and Creativity in the Face of Life's Demands
by Michael Carroll
published by Shambhala

A longtime corporate executive and meditation teacher explains how mindfulness can help you be more confident, resourceful, and at ease in the workplace. Full of engaging stories, this book will help people discover their innate intelligence, bravery, and joy on the job.

Into the Storm: Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race
by Dennis N. T. Perkins
published by AMACOM

A gripping tale of triumph over adversity, Into the Storm reveals how any group, working together, can achieve the seemingly impossible. Recounting a heart-stopping tale of the Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race, the book reveals 10 critical strategies for Teamwork at The Edge - as applicable in the workplace as on the high seas.

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2013: For Preparing Your 2012 Tax Return
by J.K. Lasser Institute
published by Wiley

This reliable reference, written by a team of tax specialists includes filing tips to help preparers plan and file their 2012 tax return in the most efficient way possible. It covers some of the most important topics associated with taxes, such as what to report as income; how preparers can save on taxes as well as what deductions they can claim.

Market Sense and Nonsense: How the Markets Really Work (and How They Don't)
by Jack Schwager
published by Wiley

Bestselling author, Jack Schwager, challenges the assumptions at the core of investment theory and practice and exposes common investor mistakes, missteps, myths, and misreads. In this engaging new book, he takes aim at the most perniciously pervasive academic precepts, money management canards, market myths and investor errors.

It's Just Good Business: The Emergence of Conscious Capitalism & The Practice of Working For Good
by Jeff Klein
published by Working for Good Publications

It's Just Good Business provides a clear, concise and compelling introduction to the emerging Conscious Capitalism movement and to the practice of Working for Good. It's Just Good Business is an inspiring and informative "quick read" filled with quotes, stories and pathways to action.

The Facts of Business Life: What Every Successful Business Owner Knows that You Don't
by Bill McBean
published by Wiley

Written by a successful businessman with four decades of ownership experience, and packed with valuable advice, The Facts of Business Life presents every business owner - whether he or she is starting, building, maintaining, or exiting a business - with the key facts that, applied together, can ensure a strong and lasting enterprise.

The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success
by Joe Wozny
published by FairWinds Press

Written for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, leaders and executives who want to ensure they have a clear, solid foundation and framework, The Digital Dollar will become your indispensable resource for today and in the future.

The New Tycoons: Inside the Trillion Dollar Private Equity Industry That Owns Everything
by Jason Kelly
published by Wiley

In The New Tycoons, Bloomberg News reporter Jason Kelly demystifies the complex world of private equity by telling the stories of the top firms and their leaders. The book details how their role as investors, owners, and employers has put them at the center of our lives.

Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life
by Trevor Blake
published by BenBella Books

In a straightforward and no-nonsense style, Three Simple Steps shows you how to take back control of your destiny and reshape your mind for increased creativity, serenity and achievement. A practical guide to real-life achievement by a pragmatic businessman who attributes his incredible successes to these very simple ideas.

The Art & Science of Technical Analysis: Market Structure, Price Action & Trading Strategies
by Adam Grimes
published by Wiley Trading

This book, written for both the self-directed and institutional trader, explores the tools and techniques of discretionary trading—the art of trading. Not just a collection of trading patterns and ideas, this is a book that looks deeply into the art of technical analysis, and gives traders the tools and techniques they need to profit in today's competitive marketplace.

Rapid Realignment: How to Quickly Integrate People, Processes, and Strategy for Unbeatable Performance
by George Labovitz and Victor Rosansky
published by McGraw-Hill

Rapid Realignment is based on a dynamic model with four key elements—strategy, people, processes, and customers. To that mix, leadership, culture, and measurement are essential to achieving and sustaining alignment among the four elements.

Camera Ready: How to Present Your Best Self and Ideas On Air or Online
by Manoush Zomorodi
published by Vook, Inc.

Deliver a powerful message on video with Camera Ready, the new multimedia eBook by journalist and former BBC reporter Manoush Zomorodi. Learn how to present your best self and ideas, conduct effective on-air interviews, know what to wear, and calm your fears by watching 20 videos with proven tips and techniques.

Social Marketology: Improve Your Social Media Processes and Get Customers to Stay Forever
by Ric Dragon
published by McGraw-Hill

Manage all your social media marketing efforts with repeatable, improvable processes. In Social Marketology, cofounder Ric Dragon of the renowned search engine marketing firm DragonSearch, takes social media marketing to the next step—showing how to choose the best tools for your needs and develop a strategy tailored to your goals.

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce
by Micah Solomon
published by AMACOM

In an age of social media, smartphones, self-service, and six-second attention spans, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service throws your business a lifeline. Today's customers are a hard bunch to crack. This book reveals inside secrets of wildly successful customer service initiatives and shows how companies of every stripe can turn casual customers into fervent supporters who will spread the word far and wide--online and off. 

The Art of Being Unreasonable: Lessons in Unconventional Thinking
by Eli Broad
published by Wiley

The Art of Being Unreasonable shares the unreasonable principles—from negotiating to risk-taking, from investing to hiring—that have made Eli Broad a success. From understanding "the value of being second" to embracing the thrill of taking a risk, Broad shares the insights and practices that have propelled him to the top.

Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World
by Tony Wagner
published by Scribner

In this groundbreaking book, education expert Tony Wagner provides a powerful rationale for developing an innovation-driven economy. He explores what parents, teachers, and employers must do to develop the capacities of young people to become innovators.

Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You're Worth
by Mika Brzezinski
published by Weinstein Books

The New York Times bestseller, now in paperback, from the star of MSNBC's Morning Joe and New York Times bestselling author of All Things at Once, comes a timely and powerful look at women's value in the workplace, weaving together personal stories of struggle and success from prominent women in all lines of work.

Leading at The Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition
by Dennis N. T. Perkins
published by AMACOM

Leading at The Edge demonstrates the importance of a strong leader in times of adversity, uncertainty, and change. Today’s leaders have much to learn from this gripping account of survival against all odds. Leading at The Edge will help them navigate the rough waters of any turbulent environment and achieve success in the face of adversity.

Earn What You're Really Worth: How to Maximize Your Income at Any Time in Any Market
by Brian Tracy
published by Vanguard Press

Earn What You're Really Worth is for every person who works in any competitive industry, including staff members or executives who want to earn more money; people in job transition; students entering the workplace; and every unemployed person who wants to get back into the workforce.

Kiss That Frog!: 21 Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives
by Brian Tracy and Christina Stein
published by Barrett-Koehler Publishers

No matter how old or young, experienced or inexperienced, everyone must deal with negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This book shows how to turn negatives into positives in all areas of life and work. As he has done in his other bestselling books, Brian Tracy offers concise, proven, easy-to-apply ideas and strategies that anyone can use immediately to transform daily thinking and behavior.

Most Important Thing Illuminated: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor
by Howard Marks
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

Whether you've already read The Most Important Thing, a book that distilled the wisdom of Marks's celebrated client memos into a single volume, or are new to the book, The Most Important Thing Illuminated will give you an unprecedented look into how America's top investors make decisions and achieve financial success.

Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life
by Ken Blanchard
published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

As a continuation of best-selling The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do, they pick up where they left off with the development of Debbie Brewster, who has now become an accomplished leader. Having grown from mentee to mentor, Debbie now guides her former mentor's son, Blake, through the process of growing as a leader. Debbie believes that "every leader is a learner," and sets out to teach Blake the process of GROW.

Knock 'em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2012
by Martin Yate
published by Adams Media

For 25 years plus, Martin Yate has shown the way for millions of job seekers. Now you can turn to him for a proven method to put your career on track. This guide includes: a revised section on how to ace the job interview, writing a killer resume guidance, New advice on long-term career management. Jobs are coming back; the market is rebounding. You need this book because it's time to take control of your career and your life.

Acts of God and Man: Ruminations on Risk and Insurance
by Michael R. Powers
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

A distinctive characteristic of earthquakes, hurricanes, bombings, and other insurance risks is that they impact the values of stocks, bonds, commodities, and other human-made financial products. Michael R. Powers guides readers through the methods available for identifying and measuring risks, financing their consequences, and forecasting their future behavior within the limits of science.

The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success
by Darren Hardy
published by Vanguard Press

Do you want success? More success than you have now? And even more success than you ever imagined possible? That is what this book is about. Achieving it. As publisher of SUCCESS magazine, author Darren Hardy has heard it all, seen it all, and tried most of it. This book reveals the core principles that drive success.

The Big Enough Company: Creating a Business That Works for You
by Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams
published by Portfolio Hardcover

Drawing on the true stories of nearly 100 entrepreneurs and their own experiences, Abrams and Lancaster guide readers through the best principles that really matter when you work for yourself -- Figure out what's in it for you; Find a role that suits your strengths and Embrace experimentation.

The 11 Laws of Likability: Relationship Networking . . . Because People Do Business with People They Like
by Michelle Tillis Lederman
published by Amacom

Wouldn't it be great if you could network in a more relaxed, authentic way?The 11 Laws of Likability reveals a painless new way to network that's based on one simple truth: People do business with people they like. In this empowering book, you'll learn how to identify and accentuate your most likable characteristics plus more!

When Life Strikes: Weathering Financial Storms
by Cal Brown
published by Brown Books

What will I do if I lose my career, spouse, parents or health? These are just a few questions Cal Brown urges you to ask yourself in this book. In straightforward and accessible terms, he address the countless scenarios we must face and provides strategies to cope with the financial impact of these "life strike" moments. By preparing and planning ahead, we can make difficult decisions now.

Pandora's Risk: Uncertainty at the Core of Finance
by Kent Osband
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

Sparking a revolution in investment risk analysis, Osband recasts the market as a learning machine rather than a knowledge machine. The market continually errs, corrects itself, and makes new errors. Respecting that process, without idolizing it, will promote wiser investment, trading, and regulation. With uncertainty embedded at its core, Osband's rational approach points to a finance theory worthy of twenty-first-century investing.

Full Engagement!: Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People
by Brian Tracy
published by AMACOM

In this essential guide, Brian Tracy, the Master of Motivation, shows you how to unlock superstar performance from every single member of your work team. Based on decades of research and thousands of hours invested in maximizing personal and organizational performance, the hard and fast secrets of what you can do (and what you should stop doing) to inspire your employees.

Knock 'em Dead: Secrets and Strategies for Success In An Uncertain World
by Martin Yate
published by Adams Media

Straight talk about professional success from America's smartest headhunters and career management minds! Whether your concerns are resumes, job search, turning interviews into offers, job security, climbing the ladder of success, choosing or changing careers, pursuing your dreams, or owning your own business, this is an integrated blueprint for success.

Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race
by Todd G. Buchholz
published by Hudson Street Press

Witty, compelling, and full of surprises, Todd Buchholz shows that it's the race itself that literally delivers the rush and drives us forward, even if we never reach the finish line. He will convince you that what you really want is to chase your tail -- even if you never catch it.

The Most Important Thing: Uncommon Sense for the Thoughtful Investor
by Howard Marks
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

After four decades spent ascending to the top of the investment management profession, Howard Marks is today sought out by the world's leading value investors, and his client memos brim with insightful commentary and a time-tested, fundamental philosophy. Now for the first time, all readers can benefit from Marks's wisdom, concentrated into a single volume that speaks to both the amateur and seasoned investor.

Managers, Can You Hear Me Now?: Hard-Hitting Lessons on How to Get Real Results
by Denny Strigl and Frank Swiatek
published by McGraw-Hill

The former head of Verizon Wireless is talking. Can you afford not to hear what he has to say?

Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst
by Vikram Mansharamani
published by Wiley

THE WORLD IS in the midst of an accelerating sequence of booms and busts, and despite these developments, no organized multidisciplinary framework exists for thinking about them.

The Collaboration Imperative: Executive Strategies for Unlocking Your Organization's True Potential
by Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese
published by Cisco Systems

Written by two seasoned Cisco executives, Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese, The Collaboration Imperative offers valuable executive strategies to unleash the hidden assets trapped inside your company-from talent and experience to the right answer and the next big idea.

Consider: Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking In Your Organization
by Daniel Forrester
published by Palgrave Macmillan

The stories and examples within Consider demonstrate that the best decisions, insights, ideas and outcomes result when we take sufficient time to think and reflect. While technology allows us to act and react more quickly than ever before, we are taking increasingly less time to consider our decisions before we make them.

The Network Is Your Customer: 5 Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age
by David L. Rogers
published by Yale University Press

In The Network Is Your Customer, digital strategy expert David Rogers shows business owners and company leaders how to think strategically about customer networks and harness their power to create new opportunities for any organization.

Slow Down, Sell Faster: Understand Your Customer's Buying Process and Maximize Your Sales
by Kevin Davis
published by Amacom

Faster Sales pitches won't lead to faster sales. The key to speeding up the sales process is to actually slow down and get in sync with your customer's buying process.

Accounting for Value
by Stephen Penman
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

Accounting for Value teaches investors and analysts how to handle accounting in evaluating equity investments. The book's novel approach shows that valuation and accounting are much the same: valuation is actually a matter of accounting for value.

Drowning in Oil: BP & the Reckless Pursuit of Profit
by Loren Steffy
published by McGraw-Hill

As night settled on April 20, 2010, a series of explosions rocked Deepwater Horizon, the immense semisubmersible drilling platform leased by British Petroleum, located 40 miles off the Louisiana coast. Drowning in Oil, by award-winning Houston Chronicle business reporter and columnist Loren Steffy is an unprecedented and gripping narrative of this catastrophe and how BP's winner-take-all business culture made it all but inevitable.

Now, Build a Great Business!: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Any Market
by Mark Thompson and Brian Tracy
published by AMACOM

Don't be daunted by a challenging economy and fierce competition. Even in the toughest environment, innovative, highly profitable businesses abound. And yours can be one of them with Now, Build a Great Business!.

Black Faces in White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness
by Randal Pinkett and Jeffrey Robinson with Philana Patterson
published by AMACOM

Black Faces in White Places is about "the game" -- that is, the competitive world in which we all live and work. The book offers 10 revolutionary strategies for playing, mastering, and changing the game for the current generation, while undertaking a wholesale redefinition of the rules for those who will follow.

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success
by Carmine Gallo
published by McGraw Hill

Author Carmine Gallo gets into the mind of one of today's more innovative leaders in business to reveal his 7 wonders for innovation and creativity. Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, is the CEO of the decade and now reveals the operating system behind all his great thinking.

The Smart Swarm: How Understanding Flocks, Schools, and Colonies Can Make Us Better at Communicating, Decision Making, and Getting Things Done
by Peter Miller
published by Avery Trade (Penguin)

The modern world may be obsessed with speed and productivity, but twenty-first-century humans actually have much to learn from the ancient instincts of swarms. A fascinating new take on the concept of collective intelligence and its colorful manifestations in some of our most complex problems, The Smart Swarm introduces a compelling new understanding of the real experts on solving our own complex problems relating to such topics as business, politics, and technology.

The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence
by William M. Crilly and Andrew J. Sherman
published by AMACOM

COMPLETELY NEW edition with CD-ROM. The AMA Handbook of Due Diligence is the most complete guide available on how to properly perform a due diligence investigation -- and radically improve the success rate of a pending corporate merger or acquisition.

Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First
by Michael Tasner
published by FT Press

This is the complete, practical, no-fluff desk reference to next generation online and mobile marketing. Drawing on his extensive experience helping companies of all sizes successfully utilize the web, mobile marketing, and social media, Michael Tasner helps marketers, entrepreneurs and managers move beyond hype and high-level strategy to proven tactics and successful ground-level execution.

What Could Happen If You Do Nothing? A Manager's Handbook for Coaching Conversations
by Jane Murphy
published by Giraffe Business Publishing

"What could happen if you do nothing?" offers managers clear, usable tools to enhance the way they listen and engage their people. This is an essential resource for developing employees to their full potential and for fostering better working relationships for individuals, teams, and the business itself.

Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction
by Marcia Reynolds
published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers

After years of coaching high-achieving women, master coach and personal development expert Marcia Reynolds started noticing something troubling: many of the clients with whom she worked were plagued by anxiety over their own restless responses to the world. These women were jumping jobs regularly, defining and redefining their relationship with the marketplace, constantly questioning their roles as wives and mothers and sisters.

Make Work Great: Supercharge Your Team, Reinvent the Culture, and Gain Influence One Person at a Time
by Edward G. Muzio
published by McGraw Hill

As a manager, you've tried to keep things positive, but nothing seems to work. You can't control the economy, what's going on in your employees' lives, or other factors -- so what can you do to build and sustain a winning culture in your workplace?

Wild West 2.0: How to Protect and Restore Your Online Reputation on the Untamed Social Frontier
by Michael Fertik and David Thompson
published by American Management Association

The Internet is like the Old West a frontier rich with opportunity and hope, but also a rough-and-tumble land of questionable characters, dubious legal jurisdictions, and hidden dangers. And just like the Old West, if you want to stake out your territory, you have to get there first and fend for yourself. On the web, that means defending your good name and reputation before the attacks start.

Competitive Selling: Out-Plan, Out-Think, and Out-Sell to Win Every Time
by Landy Chase
published by McGraw Hill

Competitive Selling has what you need to out-maneuver, out-negotiate, and out-sell everyone who stands between you and a closed sale. It reveals exactly how today's highest achievers win every battle and provides a blueprint for replicating this success

No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Disciplne
by Brian Tracy
published by Vanguard Press

You don't need to have been born under a lucky star, or with incredible wealth, or with terrific contacts and connections, or even special skills...but what you do need to succeed in any of your life goals is self-discipline. Unfortunately, most people give in to the two worst enemies of success: they take the path of least resistance (in other words, they're lazy) and/or they want immediate gratification: they don't consider the long-term consequences of the actions they take today.

The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit: A Step-by-Step Legal Guide
by Peri Pakroo
published by Nolo

Approximately eight million U.S businesses are currently women-owned, and the number is growing at twice the national average for all businesses. As one of the millions of aspiring female small business owners, you know that there are specific issues and questions that need to be addressed when you're setting up shop. The Women's Small Business Start-Up Kit, written by the author of the bestselling The Small Business Start-Up Kit, gives you the practical and legal information you need to kickstart a successful enterprise.

JESUS Career Counselor: How to Find (and Keep) Your Perfect Work
by Laurie Beth Jones
published by Howard Books

Written to help readers get, find, and keep the work they love, JESUS, Career Counselor weaves together practical self-help concepts, intriguing stories, relevant statistics, and Bible scriptures. Divided into four sections centered on the four natural giftings or personalities of people, this book explores twelve dreams that God has for each individual--including rise, risk, roar, renew, regenerate, rejoice, relate, and more.

The On-Demand Brand: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World
by Rick Mathieson
published by Amacom

By whatever name, marketers are discovering that connecting with today's elusive, ad-resistant consumer means saying goodbye to 'new media', and hello 'now media'. Featuring exclusive insights and inspiration from today's top marketers as well as lessons from some of the world's most successful digital marketing initiatives, this eye-opening book reveals how readers can deliver the kind of blockbuster experiences that 21st century consumers demand.

The Risk Takers: 16 Women and Men Who Built Great Businesses Share Their Entrepreneurial Strategies for Success
by Renee Martin and Don Martin
published by Vanguard Press

The Risk Takers is about ordinary people, all with good ideas, who faced daunting challenges, but took a leap of faith and started their own business. The book tells the stories of the personal and professional journeys of sixteen fascinating men and women who built hugely successful, multimillion dollar companies.

Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated, and Successful No Matter What
by Srikumar Rao, Ph.D.
published by McGraw Hill

In these tough times, there are few people who are completely happy with the current conditions. From business executives to the everyday Joe or Jane, everyone seems to be going through a rough economic and personal crunch. But acclaimed business school Professor Srikumar Rao says that we can learn to create joy no matter what else may be going on around us.

Bank on Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Protecting Your Financial Future
by Pamela Yellen
published by Vanguard Press

The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and BusinessWeek bestseller Bank On Yourself: The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future reveals the secrets to taking back control of your financial future that Wall Street, banks, and credit card companies don't want you to know.

Robert's Rules of Innovation: A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival
by Robert F. Brands with Martin J. Kleinman
published by Wiley

In this timely guide, innovation expert and former CEO Robert Brands presents the best practices for today's "innovate or die" world, in the form of 10 simple and practical steps your business must take to achieve growth through innovation.

The AMA Handbook of Public Relations
by Robert L. Dilenschneider
published by AMACOM

In The AMA Handbook of Public Relations, PR icon Robert L. Dilenschneider shows you how to combine the tools and techniques spawned by the Internet with traditional media—and exploit them all to create consistently powerful campaigns.

Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton
by Rebecca Shambaugh
published by McGraw-Hill

In Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton, leadership expert Rebecca Shambaugh reveals the unique formula of open-mindedness, intense focus, authenticity, and resilience that allows Hillary to answer "yes" to all of these questions and that has led to her historic rise onto the world stage.

Complicit: How Greed and Collusion Made the Credit Crisis Unstoppable
by Mark Gilbert
published by Bloomberg Press

The credit crunch is affecting every investor and every consumer, every industry and every government program, yet few people truly understand how it happened. Subprime mortgages have been center stage, but behind the scenes a conspiracy of greed among bankers, investors, rating agencies and regulators has imperiled everyone’s financial future.

Career GPS: Strategies for Women Navigating the New Corporate Landscape
by Ella L. J. Edmondson Bell, Ph.D. with Linda Villarosa
published by Amistad (Harper Collins)

The world of work has changed dramatically, and there's never been a better time for women to take advantage of this new corporate landscape. But in order to seize new opportunities, one must master the current rules of corporate success. Career GPS is an essential tool for professional women at every stage of their life and careers.

Fauzia Burke
by Fauzia Burke
published by FSB

Master Your Debt: Slash Your Monthly Payments and Become Debt Free
by Jordan E. Goodman, with Bill Westrom
published by Wiley

The world of borrowing and debt management has changed dramatically, leaving people confused about how best to secure their financial future. This book is the only guide with detailed advice to help you become debt free or master the debt you have, based on the latest laws and new government programs and policies implemented under the Obama administration.

When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How to Stick Their Necks Out
by Nikki Stone
published by Morgan James Publishing

Did you know you have better odds at winning the lottery than an Olympic medal? To bring home one of those coveted medals -- or achieve any great personal goal in life -- you need a lot more than luck. You need a game plan.

Anywhere: How Global Connectivity is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business
by Emily Nagle Green
published by McGraw Hill

The future of the world -- and business -- is ubiquitous connectivity, the total interconnection of people, ideas, and products through a global digital network. As the network grows and the world of data expands, every citizen will have instant access to virtually anything he or she wants. Where is this network? Anywhere. And you must learn to use it to the fullest if your business is to thrive in the coming years.

Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money and Grow Your Business
by Jason Ryan Dorsey
published by Wiley

In today's economy, maximizing the performance of every employee is critical to business survival and growth. Gen Y—sometimes called Millennials—provides an enticing opportunity for employers to increase their short-term profitability and create a long-term competitive advantage.

Who Turned Out the Lights?: Your Guided Tour to the Energy Crisis
by Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson
published by Harper

We are on the verge of a crippling energy crisis that could undermine our economy and change our way of life. In Who Turned Out the Lights?, Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson, editors of the award-winning nonpartisan Web site, offer a much-needed reality check.

Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success
by Nicole Williams
published by Center Street

Nicole Williams is the tell-it-like-it-is career expert who you wish could fight your work battles for you. But with her ingenious approach--taking the tactics used to land a man and applying them to your career--you'll be able to handle any work situation and come out on top.

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience
by Carmine Gallo
published by McGraw Hill

Apple CEO Steve Jobs's wildly popular presentations have set a new global gold standard -- and now this step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to use his crowd-pleasing techniques in your own presentations.

Upstarts!: How GenY Entrepreneurs are Rocking the World of Business and 8 Ways You Can Profit from Their Success
by Donna Fenn
published by McGraw Hill

Generation Y is creating startups at an unprecedented rate, and their approach to business is unlike anything you’ve seen. The generation described by the media as spoiled, entitled, even narcissistic, is proving these notions false every day.

Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living
by Jeff Klein
published by Sounds True

The words "business" and "social change" may seem contradictory, but the fact is a successful business may be the most powerful force for positive change in the world today. In Working for Good, Jeff Klein, one of the visionaries and driving forces behind Spinning, Seeds of Change, ChiRunning, and other forward-thinking brands presents a how-to guidebook for becoming a "conscious entrepreneur."

Becoming a Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison
by Joe Calloway
published by Wiley Business

Becoming a Category of One reveals how extraordinary companies do what they do so well and gives you the tools and ideas to help your business emulate their success. Packed with real case studies, it helps you apply the best practices of the best companies to set yourself apart from your competitors and turn your business into a market leader.

The World According to Twitter
by David Pogue
published by Black Dog & Leventhal

The Wit and Wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious, and occasionally poignant, collection of handpicked tweets-the first-ever book created exclusively using content from!

Why Loyalty Matters: The Groundbreaking Approach to Rediscovering Happiness, Meaning and Lasting Fulfillment in Your Life and Work
by Timothy Keiningham
published by BenBella Books

In Why Loyalty Matters, renowned loyalty experts Timothy Keiningham and Lerzan Aksoy draw from the most comprehensive study of loyalty ever conducted, the landmark Ipsos Loyalty Study, to show why loyalty is critical to our happiness as individuals and our success as a society.

Full of Bull: Unscramble Wall Street Doubletalk to Protect and Build Your Portfolio
by Stephen T. McClellan
published by FT Press

The Truth About Wall Street Stock Research--Now 100% Updated for Today's Markets! They mislead. They confuse. You can't afford to listen to one word stock analysts say--especially not right now. Wall Street won't tell you how to protect your capital or steer you toward gains. The Street is good at selling, not analyzing; it wants you to trade, not invest.

I Hate People: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job
by Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon
published by Little, Brown & Company

Face it, whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000, you must grapple with people you can't stand in the office. Luckily Jonathan Littman and Marc Hershon have written I HATE PEOPLE!, a smart, counter-intuitive, and irreverent turn on the classic workplace self-help book that will show you how to identify the Ten Least Wanted--the people you hate--while revealing the strategies to neutralize them.

The Cul-De-Sac Syndrome
by John Wasik
published by Bloomberg Press

Wasik's observations are firmly grounded in exclusive on-the-ground research, interviews with thought leaders, and the latest studies and statistics. He exposes the untold truths about home ownership: “green” isn't always so “green”; life isn't cheaper after accounting for gas, water, and taxes; and modern suburban living isn't so idyllic considering the toll it takes on our health.

Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success
by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay
published by Harper Business

Women have power. In Womenomics, journalists Shipman and Kay deal in facts, not stereotypes, providing a fresh perspective on the largely hidden power that women have in today's marketplace. Why? Companies with more women managers are more profitable. Women do more of the buying. A talent shortage looms.

The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth In Tough Economic Times
by Jay Abraham
published by Vanguard Press

Businesses can plateau, stall, or stagnate... without the owners or key executives even realizing it. The purpose of The Sticking Point Solution is to help entrepreneurs and executives recognize the ways in which their businesses may be stuck, and to then give them tools for getting unstuck and enjoying exponential growth.

Start with the Answer: And Other Wisdom for Aspiring Leaders
by Bob Seelert
published by Wiley Business

Start with the Answer offers transformative insights and practical instruction for men and women determined to succeed as executives and industry leaders. The book presents and explores the eight dimensions of business life–preparation, building and managing a career, business strategy, business operations, finance and economics, leadership, culture and communication, and personal spirit and style.

Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership
by Steve Farber
published by Broadway Books

Filled with thought-provoking ideas and actionable principles, Greater Than Yourself offers perhaps the most powerful message today’s business leaders can learn. An interesting parable of the greatest leadership lesson of all- that the best leaders go beyond the tenets of the Golden Rule, and help others to be better than they are themselves.

Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life
by Tony Jeary
published by Vanguard Press

Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life presents a methodology that will help you get clear, stay focused, and efficiently execute relevant, high-value activities that bring you the results and success you want -- faster.

Where to Put Your Money NOW: How to Make Super-Safe Investments and Secure Your Future
by Peter Passell
published by Pocket Books (S&S)

It's your money. You worked for it. And there's one thing you can be sure of. One day, you and your family will need it. For college tuition. For retirement. For illness. Maybe even just because you want to take a vacation. But in a time when the socks have been knocked off Wall Street, when the world's economy is taking a shocking battering, and when everybody seems to have a horror story about a neighbor or a friend, it's easy to start wondering if your savings will still be there when you need them.

Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time
by Joel Comm with Ken Burge
published by Wiley

Cutting edge business-persons are leveraging the power of Twitter to introduce themselves to and communicate with customers in a whole new way that makes them feel like valued friends.

The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How to Succeed When You're the Only One Like You
by Robin Fisher Roffer
published by Wiley

Fearless Fish will show readers how to stay connected while maintaining a unique identity, how to fit in without blending in, how to transform exclusion and have an impact.

Motivate Like a CEO: Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act!
by Suzanne Bates
published by McGraw Hill

In this follow-up to Speak Like a CEO, Suzanne Bates helps leaders at every level become a "force of influence" within their organizations, generating excitement and instilling accountability that culminates in superior results.

The Moneymakers: How Extraordinary Managers Win in a World Turned Upside Down
by Anne Marie Fink
published by Crown Business - Random House

When real money is at stake, it tends to clarify the mind, and for over a decade, Anne-Marie Fink has had literally billions of dollars resting on her assessments of companies.

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage
by Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston
published by Wiley

The Leading Guide to Driving Growth and Profits Through Green Strategy -- Now Revised and Updated

Luck by Design: Certain Success in an Uncertain World
by Richard E. Goldman
published by Morgan James Publishing

Luck. Some have It, some don't. At least it appears that way. Richie Goldman has often been told that he's lucky. And so it seems. Soon after he graduated from college, he invested, against all advice, in an unknown company with one store and a hand-lettered sign, but that investment--plus twenty-nine years hard work--enabled him to retire early and live what he calls a dream life.

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Investment Strategies for Lifetime Wealth from a #1 Wall Street Stock Picker
by Natalie Pace
published by Vanguard

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is offers a sensible, easy-to-follow yet powerful set of investing strategies for the would-be investor -- from the complete novice to those with experience.

Sales 2.0: Improve Business Results Using Innovative Sales Practices and Technology
by Anneke Seley and Brent Holloway
published by Wiley

Sales 2.0 explores the emerging Sales 2.0 phenomenon, how it is characterized, why it is imperative for a company's long-term success, and how anyone can get started with this new approach to generating revenue.

S.K.I.R.T.S. in the Boardroom: A Woman's Survival Guide to Success in Business & Life
by Marshawn Evans
published by Wiley

S.K.I.R.T.S. in the Boardroom equips professional women with the strategies necessary to combine confidence and compassion, style and substance, and beauty and brains for professional success.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
published by Random House

Made to Stick is a book that will transform the way you communicate ideas. It's a fast-paced tour of success stories (and failures).

Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World
by Tracy L. Tuten
published by Praeger Publishing

Advertising 2.0 ensures that readers understand the advertising options possible in the Web 2.0 environment, provides examples of companies using these options, and offers guidelines for their application. Advertising 2.0 goes way beyond running banner ads on Web sites and explores the rapidly burgeoning world of social media marketing. Among other things, expert Tracy L. Tuten covers viral marketing, doing online research, advertising within online games, and leveraging online opinions to increase sales or grow a brand.

The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets: How to Keep Your Portfolio Up When the Market Is Down
by Peter D. Schiff
published by Wiley

In the wake of falling stock and real estate prices, the American economy is poised for a decade-long bear market, so says Peter Schiff. After he accurately predicted the current market turmoil, savvy investors should pay attention--and start protecting their assets now, before the markets take their toll.

A Declaration of Energy Independence: How Freedom from Foreign Oil Can Improve National Security, Our Economy, and the Environment
by Jay Hakes
published by Wiley

A former national energy official offers a viable plan for American energy independence. A Declaration of Energy Independence takes a nonpartisan, honest approach to these fundamental questions and obliterates the political and economic myths of both conservatives and liberals. Jay E. Hakes combines real facts and solid science with historical context to ask the right questions and propose the best answers. After educating readers on the facts, A Declaration of Energy Independence goes on to offer an seven-point plan for breaking free from the costly energy trap and enhancing American influence abroad.

The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work
by Jon Gordon
published by Wiley

In the spirit of his international bestseller The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon once again shares an inspiring and enlightening story that reveals a powerful way to tackle the biggest problem in business and life -- the negativity that costs organizations billions of dollars and impacts the morale, productivity, and health of individuals and teams.

The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
by Joseph A. Michelli
published by McGraw Hill

When it comes to refined service and exquisite hospitality, one name stands high above the rest: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. With ceaseless attention to every luxurious detail, the company has set the bar for creating memorable customer experiences in world-class settings. Now, for the first time, the leadership secrets behind the company's extraordinary success are revealed.

The Intelligent Portfolio: Practical Wisdom on Personal Investing from Financial Engines
by Christopher L. Jones & William F. Sharpe
published by Wiley

The key to good investment decisions is making informed choices. And while you cannot predict the future, it is possible to create investment strategies that can maximize your chances of success. In The Intelligent Portfolio, author Christopher Jones shows you how this can be accomplished.

How you do...What you do: Create Service Excellence That Wins Clients For Life
by Bob Livingston
published by McGraw-Hill

Business consultant Bob Livingston shows you the specific strategies for creating the most service-centered and client-focused sales organization in any field of business.

Forgive Us Our Debts: The Intergenerational Dangers of Fiscal Irresponsibility
by Andrew Yarrow
published by Yale University Press

Andrew Yarrow explains in accessible terms why federal debt is rising (and will soon rise much faster), what effects it may have on Americans if debt is not brought under control, why our government borrows, and what it will take to pay it all back.

The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won, Revised and Expanded Edition
by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry
published by FT Press

In this comprehensive look at the awakening giant that is China, Peter Navarro describes an emerging power beleaguered by both internal and external threats-if the Japanese don't get them, AIDS and SARS will.

The Milkshake Moment: Overcoming Stupid Systems, Pointless Policies and Muddled Management to Realize Real Growth
by Steven S. Little
published by Wiley

Building on the frustrating true story of his inability to order a simple milkshake, Little explains how well-intended systems meant to increase satisfaction can often produce the opposite effect for both customers and employees.

The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation
by A.G. Lafley and Ram Charan
published by Crown

Over the past seven years, Procter & Gamble has tripled profits; significantly improved organic revenue growth, cash flow, and operating margins; and averaged earnings per share growth of 12 percent. How?

Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money
by Robert T. Kiyosaki
published by Business Plus

For years, Robert Kiyosaki has firmly believed that the best investment one can ever make is in taking the time to truly understand how one's finances work. Too many people are much more interested in the quick-hitting scheme, or trying to find a short-cut to real wealth.

Breakthrough Imperative: How the Best Managers Get Outstanding Results
by Mark Gottfredson and Steve Schaubert
published by Collins

Every general manager today—all the way up to the CEO—is expected by his or her stakeholders to achieve new breakthroughs in performance—and fast. It is precisely because of this growing breakthrough imperative that managers today, whether in corporations or nonprofits, need to get off to a fast start.

Outsmart!: How to Do What Your Competitors Can't
by Jim Champy
published by FT Press

This concise, fast-paced book shows how you can achieve breakthrough growth by consistently outsmarting your competition. Champy reveals the surprising, counterintuitive lessons learned by companies that have achieved super-high growth for at least three straight years. Drawing on the strategies of some of today's best "high velocity" companies, he identifies eight powerful ways to compete in even the roughest marketplace. You'll discover how to find distinctive market positions and sustainable advantages in products, services, delivery methods, and unexpected customers with unexpected needs.

Skin in the Game: How Putting Yourself First Today Will Revolutionize Health Care Tomorrow
by John Hammergren and Phil Harkins
published by Wiley

With Skin in the Game, authors John Hammergren -- Chairman and CEO of McKesson Corporation, America's oldest and largest health care services company -- and Phil Harkins -- CEO of Linkage, a global organizational development company -- give you a comprehensive overview of the history of health care in America.

Hug Your People: The Proven Way to Hire, Inspire, and Recognize Your Employees and Achieve Remarkable Results
by Jack Mitchell
published by Hyperion

In Hug Your Customers, Jack Mitchell showed business readers how to keep their customers happy&mdashland their profits booming. In Hug Your People, he elaborates on his big secret: hiring, motivating and keeping your biggest asset, great employees!

Cash-Rich Retirement: Use the Investing Techniques of the Mega-Wealthy to Secure Your Retirement Future
by Jim Schlagheck
published by St. Martins

Cash-Rich Retirement, as seen on the public television series Retirement Revolution, brings the investing strategies of the mega-rich to everyday people. It breaks with conventional advice that tells the public to invest mightily in stocks, flip holdings, and seek capital gains.

The Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World
by Kelly Mooney and Nita Rollins
published by New Riders Publishing

Many of today's best brands are powered by the technologies, traits and trends of the digital channel. Old mass-marketing push tactics are being superseded by the pull of an online population prolifically creating, sharing and influencing each other. The potent pairing of digital notoriety and network effects has given rise to a new cultural authority: the icitizenry.

20 Something Manifesto: Quarter-Lifers Speak Out About Who They Are, What They Want, and How to Get It
by Christine Hassler
published by New World Library

If you're in your twenties, you're likely feeling the combination of the excitement of this defining decade and the pressure to figure out your entire life.

Go Green: How to Build an Earth-Friendly Community
by Nancy H. Taylor
published by Gibbs Smith

GO GREEN is an indispendable resource for the grown-up greenies who have accepted the philosophy and are ready to spread it. There is a huge movement already underway toward going green, living sustainably, and creating a smaller carbon footprint.

Test-Drive Your Dream Job: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding and Creating the Work You Love
by Brian Kurth with Robin Simons
published by Business Plus

Yes, you can try your hand at the career of your dreams without risking your present job, your next mortgage payment, or your kids' future.

Zero to One Million: How I Built a Company to $1 Million in Sales . . . And How You Can, Too
by Ryan P. Allis
published by McGraw-Hill

By the time Ryan Allis had reached the age of twenty-one, he had achieved the financial goal most people just dream about: He built his company to one million in sales. Allis has since grown his company iContact Corp. to $10 million per year in sales and has helped numerous clients increase their sales dramatically.

Leaders at All Levels: Deepening Your Talent Pool to Solve the Succession Crisis
by Ram Charan
published by Jossey-Bass

Something is seriously amiss in the state of management today. More and more CEOs are failing, but the dearth of CEOs capable of placing their companies on a sustainable footing is as much a symptom as a cause of the malaise affecting corporate management.

Fast Profits in Hard Times: 10 Secret Strategies to Make You Rich in an Up or Down Economy
by Jordan E. Goodman, with Bill Westrom
published by Business Plus

Do you think you can't profit if the economy is in serious decline? Many investors believe you can earn substantial profits only if it's strong. But in this groundbreaking book, Jordan E. Goodman, "America's Money Answers Man" and an expert with thirty years of experience in the financial media, proves how wrong they can be.

Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes
by Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne
published by Twelve/Hachette

Mark Penn, the man who identified "Soccer Moms" as a crucial constituency in President Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign, is known for his ability to detect relatively small patterns of behavior in our culture -- microtrends that are wielding great influence on business, politics, and our personalities.

The Perfect SalesForce: The 6 Best Practices of the World's Best Sales Teams
by Derek Gatehouse
published by Portfolio

This is not a book about selling. It does not give you some arbitrary selling formula guaranteed to increase your salespeople's sales. In fact, this book makes a compelling argument that you can't actually teach salespeople to sell much more than they currently do.

What the Customer Wants You to Know: How Everybody Needs to Think Differently About Sales
by Ram Charan
published by Penguin

More than ever these days, the sales process often turns into a war about price. But there's a better way to think about sales, says bestselling author Ram Charan, who is famous for clarifying and simplifying difficult business problems.

Beat the System: 11 Secrets to Building an Entrepreneurial Culture in a Bureaucratic World
by Robert W. MacDonald
published by Wiley

Does bureaucratic inertia have your business locked in a losing status quo? Are you being held back by gray suits who won't allow innovation and creativity at work? Do you want to build a business that isn't slowed down by the concrete shoes of bureaucratic indecision or stifled by unimaginative groupthink? If so, maybe it's time to beat the system!

The Maui Millionaires for Business: The Five Secrets to Get on the Millionaire Fast Track
by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy, CPA
published by Wiley

In The Maui Millionaires for Business, Finkel and Kennedy show entrepreneurs and business people how to successfully solve the two greatest wealth challenges they face.

Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement
by William Duggan
published by Columbia Business School Publishing

Everyone knows you need creative thinking, or entrepreneurial thinking, or innovative thinking, or strategic thinking to succeed in the modern world. All these kinds of thinking happen through flashes of insight -- strategic intuition. And now that we know how it works, you can learn to do it better. That's what this book is about.

The Little Book That Makes You Rich: A Proven Market-Beating Formula for Growth Investing
by Louis Navellier
published by Wiley

Louis Navellier is one of the most well-respected growth investors of our day. He's pulled impressive profits from the stock market for over twenty-seven years, he has also helped investors beat the market by nearly a 4-1 margin. Now, with The Little Book That Makes You Rich, he'll show you how to do the same.

The Engine of America: The Secrets to Small Business Success from Entrepreneurs Who Have Made It!
by Hector V. Barreto
published by Wiley

In The Engine of America, Barreto reveals his personal and professional insights, and those of many of America's most innovative entrepreneurs, on why some small businesses succeed while others fail. This book explains how you can join the ranks of successful business owners.

Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond
by Deepak Malhotra and Max H. Bazerman
published by Bantam

From two leaders in executive education at Harvard Business School, here are the mental habits and proven strategies you need to achieve outstanding results in any negotiation.

Leadership Brand: Developing Customer-Focused Leaders to Drive Performance and Build Lasting Value
by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood
published by Harvard University Press

In Leadership Brand, Ulrich and Smallwood explore the advantages of a branded approach to corporate leadership. They use hard data to show that a company whose leadership embodies its unique brand will achieve stronger market value than competitors.

The Source of Leadership: Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader
by David M. Traversi
published by New Harbinger

Leadership is failing in many forums and failing at an increasing rate as technology accelerates and complicates our existence. Inside, you'll discover the keys -- the source -- to embodying and performing the well-known but highly elusive traits and functions, respectively, of the high-impact leader.

Adland: A Global History of Advertising
by Mark Tungate
published by Kogan Page

The worldwide spend on advertising currently stands at over US$400 billion a year, and -- love it or hate it -- it has an immense impact on our lives. But where did it all start? Who are the big players now?

Adland is the first book to explore the development of advertising from an international perspective.

Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets: Surviving the Public Spectacle in Finance and Politics
by William Bonner and Lila Rajiva
published by Wiley

Collectively, people think and act in ways that are different from how they think and act as individuals. Understanding these differences, says William (Bill) Bonner -- a longtime maverick observer of the financial world and the vagaries of the investing public -- is vital to preserving your wealth and personal dignity.

100 Minds That Made the Market
by Ken Fisher
published by Wiley

Introducing the new Fisher Investment Series. Comprised of engaging and informative titles written by renowned money manager and bestselling author Ken Fisher, this series offers essential insights into the worlds of investing and finance.

What Made jack welch JACK WELCH: How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders
by Stephen H. Baum with Dave Conti
published by Crown Business

Surprisingly, it's not about education or pedigree or even native smarts. Most of us are like jack welch, who started life as a lowercase guy, the son of a railroad conductor, but went on to become the most celebrated and successful executive of recent years.

Recruit or Die: How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent
by Chris Resto, Ian Ybarra, and Ramit Sethi
published by Portfolio Hardcover

The recruiting game has changed. It now takes more than simply attending a campus career fair, hosting an information session, and posting job descriptions to draw the best young talent to work for your organization.

Work Like You're Showing Off!: The Joy, Jazz, and Kick of Being Better Tomorrow Than You Were Today
by Joe Calloway
published by Wiley

Showing off is a good thing. Showing off is a mindset. Showing off is about living life and doing work in a way that creates joy, jazz, and a kick in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work
by Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin
published by Warner Business Books

If you're a stay-at-home mom considering going back to work, these are some of the questions that have likely come to mind. Returning to the workforce can be a daunting prospect. It requires reigniting old contacts, marketing yourself strategically, and building confidence.

Rules for Renegades: How to Make More Money, Rock Your Career, and Revel in Your Individuality
by Christine Comaford-Lynch
published by McGraw-Hill

Renegade entrepreneur -- and runaway success story -- Christine Comaford-Lynch has lived the kind of life most of us can only dream about. From model to monk to multimillionaire, she does what she wants -- and gets things done.

Now, in ten outrageous life lessons, she'll show you how to make your dreams come true. Your way. Your rules.

The Last Chance Millionaire: It's Not Too Late to Become Wealthy
by Douglas R. Andrew
published by Warner Business Books

With clear language and a wealth of contrarian financial knowledge, this book is the definitive retirement guide for the baby boomer generation. So don't settle for living off Social Security of your taxed-to-death 401(k) -- read this book and enjoy your best years while securing your financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

Encore: Finding Work That Matters in the Second Half of Life
by Marc Freedman
published by PublicAffairs

Beverly Ryder left a corporate career to work on revitalizing the Los Angeles public schools. Robert Chambers left his job as a used car salesman to create a better way for poor people in New Hampshire to buy fuel-efficient cars. Ed Speedling left thirty years as a hospital executive and academic to help solve the problem of homelessness in Philadelphia.

Motivating the "What's In It For Me?" Workforce: Manage Across the Generational Divide and Increase Profits
by Cam Marston
published by Wiley

All generations are not alike. While Baby Boomers base their vision of professional success on climbing hierarchical corporate ladders, Gen-X and New Millennial workers view success quite differently.

The Upside: The 7 Strategies for Turning Big Threats into Growth Breakthroughs
by Adrian J. Slywotzky with Karl Weber
published by Crown

In the 1980s conventional wisdom was that you could have high quality or low cost, but not both -- until Japanese makers of cars and electronics showed otherwise. Now, high quality and low cost are required just to enter the marketplace.

I Didn't See It Coming: The Only Book You'll Ever Need to Avoid Being Blindsided in Business
by Nancy C. Widmann, Elaine J. Eisenman, Ph.D., and Amy Dorn Kopelan
published by Wiley

I Didn't See It Coming provides critical counsel and keen observation on how all employees can develop strategic insights, effective tools, and sharp instincts for reading the room and controlling their own career destiny.

Taboos of Leadership: The 10 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Leaders and What They Really Think
by Anthony F. Smith
published by Jossey-Bass

Most experts on leadership would have us believe that successful leaders are superhuman beings who are humble servants, have hearts of gold, and are motivated by the needs of their employees and shareholders.

Watch This, Listen Up, Click Here: Inside the 300 Billion Dollar Business Behind the Media You Constantly Consume
by David Verklin and Bernice Kanner
published by Wiley

Who decides what you see on TV, hear on the radio, click on the Web, or read in a magazine? And who pays for it? Authors David Verklin, CEO of one of the world's largest media-buying agencies, and marketing expert Bernice Kanner are going to tell you.

The Peebles Principles: Tales and Tactics from an Entrepreneur's Life of Winning Deals, Succeeding in Business, and Creating a Fortune from Scratch
by R. Donahue Peebles with J.P. Faber
published by Wiley

At the tender age of nineteen, Donahue Peebles entered the business jungle with no resources beyond his native smarts, a decent education, and a powerful drive to succeed. Seven years later he became a multimillionaire.

Ignited: Managers! Light Up Your Company and Career for More Power, More Purpose, and More Success
by Vince Thompson
published by FT Press

Ignited reveals the gathering forces that will offer you unprecedented opportunities to reshape your career and organization. It outlines clear, realistic steps for leveraging your networks and resources to transform your vision into reality, and accomplish powerful goals only you can achieve.

Turning Silver Into Gold: How to Profit in the New Boomer Marketplace
by Dr. Mary S. Furlong
published by FT Press

As they age, America's 78 million baby boomers will live more active, creative, inventive lives than any generation before them. This represents a truly enormous business opportunity. In this book, the world's number one authority on marketing to "post-50" baby boomers offers a complete blueprint for profiting from that opportunity.

Excuse Me, Your Job Is Waiting: Attract the Work You Want
by Laura George
published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company

New York Times best-selling author Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting showed half a million readers how to "magnetize" their emotions to draw their desires to them. Now, human resource manager Laura George applies Grabhorn's powerful Law of Attraction to the life experiences of both losing and getting a job.

The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy
by Jon Gordon
published by Wiley

It's Monday morning and George walks out of the front door to his car and a flat tire. But this is the least of his problems. His home life is in shambles and his team at work is in disarray. With a big new product launch coming in two weeks for the NRG-2000, he has to find a way to get it together or risk losing his marriage and job.

Simple Solutions: Harness the Power of Passion and Simplicity to Get Results
by Tom Schmitt and Arnold Perl
published by Wiley

Despite the seemingly endless challenges and pressures in today's workplace, many people are firm in their resolve to assume leadership roles and make a difference. One of the barriers they face is that there simply isn't a clear-cut path to follow. This inside look at a uniquely effective style of leadership remedies that and guides the reader along the path taken by these two proven leaders.

Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform From Those Who Don't
by Ram Charan
published by Crown

Know-How is the missing link of leadership. By showing how the eight know-hows link to, interact with, and reinforce personal and psychological traits, Ram Charan provides a holistic and innovative portrait of successful leaders of the twenty-first century.

The Maui Millionaires: Discover the Secrets Behind the World's Most Exclusive Wealth Retreat and Become Financially Free
by David Finkel and Diane Kennedy, CPA
published by Wiley

It's an event so popular, it's sold out up to a year in advance. It's an experience so powerful, participants willingly pay the $30,000 ticket price -- and return again and again. It's a place where dreams are made, expectations are exceeded, and multimillionaires are born.

Hire Me, Inc.: Package Yourself to Get Your Dream Job
by Roy J. Blitzer
published by Entrepreneur Press

Entrepreneurial thinking grew Starbucks from a mom and pop coffee shop to a global brand. Donald Trump used it to move from a run-of-the-mill real estate investor to a mega-millionaire. And, now, it can change the way you tackle job hunting forever.

Health Care on Less Than You Think
by Fred Brock
published by Henry Holt

Once again, Fred Brock provides unrivaled, objective, and essential financial reporting and advice to safeguard the wallets of American families.

The Go Point: When It's Time to Decide -- Knowing What to Do and When to Do It
by Michael Useem
published by Crown Business

Michael Useem -- through dramatic storytelling -- shows how to master the art and science of being decisive. He places you smack in the middle of people facing their go point, where actions -- or lack of them -- determined the fates of individuals, companies, and countries.

Marketing That Matters: 10 Practices to Profit Your Business and Change the World (Social Venture Network)
by Chip Conley and Eric Friedenwald-Fishman
published by Berrett-Koehler

Many business leaders view marketing as the crass, ugly side of business. This new book proves that "marketing" isn't a dirty word -- it's the key to advancing both business ideals and the bottom line.

The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million: 7 Smart Habits to Building the Wealth of Your Dreams
by Lynnette Khalfani
published by McGraw-Hill

The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million tells you exactly what to do. First you'll formulate an easy-to-follow budget that fits your lifestyle. Then you'll be able to construct a plan to get out of debt, establish perfect credit, and save a bundle.

Online Shopper's Survival Guide: Order Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
by Jacquelyn Lynn
published by Entrepreneur Press

Savvy shopping survival expert Jacquelyn Lynn navigates all the twists and turns of online shopping, offering you secrets that save big bucks!

The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do
by Clotaire Rapaille
published by Broadway

In The Culture Code, internationally revered cultural anthropologist and marketing expert Clotaire Rapaille reveals for the first time the techniques he has used to improve profitability and practices for dozens of Fortune 100 companies.

Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors
by George Orwel
published by Wiley

Modern living is driven by oil, from the gasoline that propels our cars to the electricity that powers our homes to the military that protects our freedom. Throughout the twentieth century, a relatively uninterrupted supply of oil has fueled our nation's unparalleled growth.

Paradigm Found: Leading and Managing for Positive Change
by Anne Firth Murray
published by New World Library

In 1987, Anne Firth Murray had the idea that funding should go to grassroots women's organizations around the globe and that the recipients themselves should decide how to use that money.

Profit with Honor: The New Stage of Market Capitalism
by Daniel Yankelovich
published by Yale University Press

This wise and optimistic book examines the scandals that plague American corporations today and shows how companies can reverse the discouraging trend.

Revved! An Incredible Way to Rev Up Your Workplace and Achieve Amazing Results
by Harry Paul and Ross Reck, Ph.D.
published by McGraw-Hill

Imagine a new kind of business model: one where caring for people is your capital investment and the returns redefine your bottom line.

Creating Competitive Advantage: Give Customers a Reason to Choose You Over Your Competitors
by Jaynie L. Smith with William G. Flanagan
published by Currency

Why should I do business with you . . . and not your competitor? Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, or service provider -- if you cannot answer this question, you are surely losing customers, clients, and market share.

More Than You Know
by Michael J. Mauboussin
published by Columbia University Press

A true eye-opener, More Than You Know shows how a multidisciplinary approach that pays close attention to process and the psychology of decision making offers the best chance for long-term financial results.

Organic, Inc.: Natural Foods and How They Grew
by Samuel Fromartz
published by Harcourt

Organic food has become a juggernaut in an otherwise sluggish food industry, growing at 20 percent a year as products like organic ketchup and corn chips vie for shelf space with conventional comestibles. But what is organic food? Is it really better for you? Where did it come from, and why are so many of us buying it?

FutureShop: How the New Auction Culture Will Revolutionize the Way We Buy, Sell and Get the Things We REALLY Want
by Daniel Nissanoff
published by Penguin Press

Visionary entrepreneur Daniel Nissanoff breaks the news that the eBay auction phenomenon is about to explode in a big new way, revolutionizing how all consumers -- not just eBay mavens -- do their shopping, not only online but offline as well.

How to Get Anyone to Do Anything
by R. Philip Hanes
published by Ten Speed Press

Divided into four parts -- Networking, Risk-Taking, Fund-Raising, and Problem-Solving -- How to Get Anyone to Do Anything will inspire readers to see challenging opportunities instead of insurmountable odds.

The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do
by Loral Langemeier
published by McGarw-Hill

Even financial woes and a limited income can't stop you from creating real, sustainable wealth and the freedom it buys. The Millionaire Maker reveals Loral's proven wealth-building system that thousands of ordinary people have already used to begin a life of unlimited financial freedom.

Flight Capital: The Alarming Exodus of America's Best and Brightest
by David Heenan
published by Davies-Black

The United States has always attracted talented immigrants who created wealth and intellectual capital for their adopted nation. Today, more than half of the Ph.D.s working in the U.S. are foreign born. Immigrant brainpower has never shone brighter. There's just one problem: Now it's going home.

Will Your Next Mistake Be Fatal? Avoiding the Chain of Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Organization
by Robert E. Mittelstaedt, Jr.
published by Wharton School Publishing

Catastrophes don't "just happen." From Enron to the Space Shuttle Columbia, to 9/11, virtually every disaster is the result of a series of mistakes -- each one easy to overlook, each one set in motion because people simply refused to believe the evidence staring right at them.

Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star
by Steve Cone
published by Bloomberg Press

Working for nearly thirty years with and for leading companies including Citigroup and American Express, Steve Cone has the kind of hard-earned, high-level experience that translates into valuable, tested ideas on what really works -- and doesn't -- in marketing.

Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy
by Matthew R. Simmons
published by John Wiley & Sons

Without question, Saudi Arabian oil fields provide the rest of the world with its most plentiful, low-cost oil resource. The question is how long can they continue to keep these critical pipelines open. Twilight in the Desert answers that question with keen examination instead of unsubstantiated posturing.

Cult of Power: Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It
by Martha Burk
published by Scribner

In a stunning rebuttal to the reductionist claim that Augusta National is just about golf or "private association," Burk unveils, for the first time, the extraordinary web of business, government, and philanthropic affiliations of Augusta National members.

The Washing Machine: How Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Soils Us
by Nick Kochan
published by Texere

Money laundering schemes are used to fund terrorists, evade taxes, sell arms, or accumulate obscene amounts of wealth. They divert money from every honest person into the pockets of criminals.

The Enthusiastic Employee: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want
by David Sirota, Louis A. Mischkind, Irwin Meltzer
published by Wharton School Publishing

Enthusiastic employees outproduce and outperform. They step up to do the impossible. They rally each other in tough times. Most people are enthusiastic when they're hired: hopeful, ready to work hard, eager to contribute. What happens to dampen their enthusiasm? Management, that's what.

Live Well on Less Than You Think: The New York Times Guide to Achieving Your Financial Freedom
by Fred Brock
published by Times Books

Fred Brock turned the conventional wisdom on its head in his bestselling book Retire on Less Than You Think, and here he uncovers ways to bolster your financial health during your working years.

Looking Forward: An Optimist's Guide to Retirement
by Ellen Freudenheim
published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Looking Forward helps us figure out what we want to do with our post-career years, whether that means working part-time, traveling to China, writing a novel, or falling in love (again).

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