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Becoming Starlight

Becoming Starlight
By Sharon Prentice
Published by Waterside Press
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Dr. Raymond Moody, world-renowned physician and researcher, states: Becoming Starlight is in “the vanguard of a series of works that are a breakthrough in understanding the biggest question of existence that mankind struggles with—the mystery of life afterlife. Becoming Starlightdisrupts today’s conversations about the Near-Death Experience and the Shared Death Experience, turning that debate on its head.” 

Becoming Starlight is the true story of one woman’s tumultuous relationship with God during the soul-wrenching deaths of her daughter and husband, and her eventual redemption as her soul slipped over to another framework of existence—a realm of pure love and light—by means of a Shared Death Experience (SDE) at the moment of her husband’s death. The little known Shared Death Experience—a profound transcendent consciousness—afforded the author a peek into forever-ness, a lifting of the veil between this life and the next. It was a redemption by means of a completely unexpected experience, one that brought the author kicking and screaming into the very presence of God. It is He, alone, who has the power to part the veil and “invite” you—bring you to Him—while you are still alive and well. 

Deeply embedded in Becoming Starlight is a life-and-death struggle with Spiritual darkness and loss of faith. It’s a story brimming with the stuff of life—tremendous love, agonizing loss, quiet rage, inconsolable sorrow, and a complete fall from Grace. At the heart of it is a war between who lives and dies, a battle that brings us face to face with our own mortality.

Becoming Starlight is an emotionally powerful and spiritually gripping story of what lies “beyond” this life. It is a true account of a soul-searching journey that is filled with all those things that life—and death—presents to us all. It is a story that every woman who has ever loved and sorrowed and every man who has ever loved a woman will relate to. Shifting us outside our comfort zones, it makes us question everything we thought we knew—or believed—about our place in the Universe and our relationship with God. It does that by taking us on a journey that begins within the bowels of fear and ends with an encounter with the source of all Creation. 

Becoming Starlight recounts the unfolding of a lifetime of beliefs about God and an eventual redemption that led the author home to a true Spiritual self…within and of God. 

Paperback | 9781947637948 | May 17, 2018