“Online publicity is more important than ever.”

At FSB, we are passionate about books and the publicity of said books (some even call us true-believers). I hope you agree with me that online marketing and publicity is more important than ever.
We help authors with online book publicity, developing an author website, and helping to build their author platform--all with the goal of raising the author's visibility and selling more copies of their book.
There is no silver bullet, no magic formula here. It takes hard work, time, expertise, and dedication. But if you want a writing career, this investment is essential.

Our online publicity campaigns help increase author visibility, create a relationship with readers, and launch books on the web. We help authors cut through the noise in today’s competitive market by reaching out to hundreds of websites in the targeted communities. It is our job to develop a strategy, shape a consistent message, work with the media, and create exposure. This job has never been more important or multifaceted than right now. As a result of influential social media tools, the responsibility of a publicist is moving and growing, creating a very robust and exciting time in the industry. 

Fauzia Burke has been consulting for authors and publishers for many years, helping to define and build an author’s platform and digital brand. Her background in New York publishing, being on the front lines of online marketing for over twenty years, and having worked with many authors, both traditionally and indie published, gives her the breadth and depth of experience to help any author at any point in the process. In addition, being an author herself, she has the first-hand experience of the author's journey.

In 1995, when most of us were still learning how to navigate the web, Fauzia founded FSB Associates, one of the first firms to specialize in Internet publicity and marketing for publishers and authors. Now Fauzia, and FSB COO John Burke, are again leading the way with the creation of Pub Site—the first website platform designed specifically for books and authors.