Consulting for Building a Successful Author Platform 

Fauzia Burke has been consulting for authors and publishers for many years, helping to define and build an author’s platform and digital brand. Her background in New York publishing, being on the front lines of online marketing for over twenty years, and having worked with many authors, both traditionally and indie published, gives her the breadth and depth of experience to help any author at any point in the process. In addition, being an author herself, she has first hand experience of the author journey.

—Are you just getting started with your book?

—Have you finished writing it and not sure what to do next?

—Do you have a finished book and need a marketing strategy?

Fauzia can advise you on publishing options, give you tips on who your market might be, help you refine your goals and your brand, get you started in the important online marketing world, and help you define a sales and marketing strategy. She will work with you to authentically create your brand, establish an online presence, engage with your audience, and gain visibility.

After all, she wrote the book on the topic. Online Marketing for Busy Authors came out in April 2016 and has been receiving great reviews from authors, agents, and publishers. Her own publisher, Berrett-Koehler, now gives a copy to every author they sign. Agents have also recognized the value of the book and recommend it to their authors.

Each campaign is individual and customized to fit an author’s specific needs. Typical activities include working with you to launch or improve your website, building a mailing list, creating a social media “voice”, advising and executing a pre-order campaign, and creating a website and blogging content strategy, all with an eye to a successful book launch.

Please contact us if you are interested in her services.