Publisher Testimonials

"Fauzia Burke has been on the web promoting books from the very beginning, and I have consistently admired her perfect balance of creativity with practicality. She knows exactly what kinds of web promotion will drive book sales, and doesn't waste your time or money with distractions. She gets results, and is also a pleasure to work with."
— Madeline McIntosh, CEO Penguin Random House U.S

"Fauzia was enormously helpful to us at Workman. She gave us the tools and the training we needed to focus our online marketing efforts, in ways that will pay off for years to come."
Bob Miller, president and publisher of Flatiron Books (Macmillan)

"Fauzia Burke's company has provided an invaluable service to us at Atria books by innovative and effective use of the internet to promote our authors and their work. Always effective and reliable I have no reservations in hiring or recommending Fauzia and her company."
— Judith Curr, president and publisher of HarperOne, Amistad, and Rayo (HarperCollins)

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Agent Testimonials

"FSB is the premier internet book marketing firm. They consistently get our titles placed visibly and effectively. I recommend them highly and enthusiastically."
— James A. Levine

"Fauzia has been working at book marketing on the web longer than anyone, and she has assembled a team that knows how to deliver results appropriate to each campaign — adding value to and enhancing the impact of every publication her team participates in. Highly recommended!"
— Stephen Hanselman

"FSB Associates helped us to position our brand across the social media platforms and to focus our efforts in the most productive ways. Their skillful work has produced better results than we ever expected. The FSB team is professional, courteous, upbeat, and knowledgeable. We had known about FSB for a long time, but had never actually worked with the company. Now we are very glad we did and recommend FSB to others."
— Evan Marshall and Martha Jewett, authors of The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing

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Author Testimonials

"Thank you for an amazing job. When I look at the list of things you've accomplished in such a short time, I'm not just impressed -– I'm astonished. You've helped the book find its audience, exactly what I'd hoped for. Like a little boat on the vast sea of the Internet, you've helped pilot this small Web site right to people who might be most interested in seeing it come over their horizon. It's been a pleasure working with you, not only because you were fun to work with but also because you delivered more than I imagined was possible."
— Alan Alda, Award Winning Actor, Director, and Bestselling Author

"Fauzia Burke and the team at FSB Associates are epitome of book publicity expertise. Their campaign for my book, Living a Committed Life, was a resounding success, bringing the book the exposure it deserved. Fauzia empowered me as an author to create a vision for my book’s impact and the difference it could make that guided me and served every interview, every podcast, every summit, and every conversation. Fauzia was an excellent collaborator, and her sage advice was highly invaluable. I recommend FSB Associates to any author looking to take their book to the next level."
-- Lynne Twist, author of Living a Committed Life

FSB ROCKS! I was instantly impressed by how vested the FSB team was in the success of our book. They believed in the project from the beginning. They actually read the book cover-to-cover and strive to know you personally to represent YOU truly! They are professional, prompt, and know how to get your name out there. I would hire FSB, rehire them, and recommend them in a heartbeat.
Richard Leider, Co-author (with David Shapiro), WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW OLD?: The Path of Purposeful Aging (Berrett-Koehler, 2021)

"I highly recommend Fauzia Burke and Anna Sacca of FSB Associates for online publicity. FSB Associates provided tremendous value to us in launching One Minute Mentoring. Their hard work and diligence produced excellent results and it was a pleasure to work with them due to their attention to detail and good humor. FSB's reputation is well-earned. They are the dream team if you need to promote a book on the web." 
— Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and One Minute Mentoring

"Fauzia and FSB were instrumental in the success of my book."
Reza Aslan, author of No god but God

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