Communicate with Courage

Communicate with Courage

Communicate with Courage
Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges
By Michelle Gladieux
Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers
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Clear communication requires the courage to confront the psychological blocks that hold you back. Learn how to become a more fearless and peerless communicator.

Raising your game as a communicator is one of the best ways to make a difference in the world, but it takes courage to open up to others and invite others to open up to you. As a lifelong communication coach, Michelle Gladieux has discovered four sneaky obstacles that can keep you from becoming the best communicator you can be:

  • Hiding—Fear of exposing your supposed weaknesses
  • Defining—Putting too much stock into assumptions and being quick to judge
  • Rationalizing—Using “being realistic” to shield yourself from taking chances, engaging in conflict, or doing other scary but potentially rewarding actions
  • Settling—Stopping at “good enough” instead of aiming for something better in your interactions

These challenges all have something in common. They require taking risks—to reveal yourself, question your beliefs, take a leap of faith, or move out of your comfort zone. Each chapter includes a real-world practice called a Pro Move and an exercise, both carefully crafted to help you overcome hang-ups and take more joy in communicating.

Courageous communication requires self-knowledge, practice, and a desire to grow. It is a full-body, full-mind, and full-heart effort. This book is like having a caring, expert coach along with you for the journey.

Paperback | 176 pages | $19.95 USD | 978-1523003129 | November 1, 2022