The AI Marketing Canvas

The AI Marketing Canvas

The AI Marketing Canvas
A Five-Stage Road Map to Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
By Raj Venkatesan & Jim Lecinski
Published by Stanford Business Books
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This book offers a direct, actionable plan CMOs can use to map out initiatives that are properly sequenced and designed for success―regardless of where their marketing organization is in the process.

The authors pose the following critical questions to marketers: (1) How should modern marketers be thinking about artificial intelligence and machine learning? and (2) How should marketers be developing a strategy and plan to implement AI into their marketing toolkit?

The opening chapters provide marketing leaders with an overview of what exactly AI is and how is it different than traditional computer science approaches. Venkatesan and Lecinski, then, propose a best-practice, five-stage framework for implementing what they term the "AI Marketing Canvas." Their approach is based on research and interviews they conducted with leading marketers, and offers many tangible examples of what brands are doing at each stage of the AI Marketing Canvas. By way of guidance, Venkatesan and Lecinski provide examples of brands―including Google, Lyft,, and Coca-Cola―that have successfully woven AI into their marketing strategies. The book concludes with a discussion of important implications for marketing leaders―for your team and culture.

Hardcover | 272 pages | $28.00 USD | 978-1503613164 | May 18, 2021