Your Heart Was Made for This by Oren Jay Sofer

Your Heart Was Made for This

Your Heart Was Made for This
Contemplative Practices for Meeting a World in Crisis with Courage, Integrity, and Love
By Oren Jay Sofer
Published by Shambhala
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A practical roadmap to cultivating the heart’s capacity to face and transform our greatest challenges—like the climate crisis, oppression, anxiety, and burnout—from the bestselling author of Say What You Mean.

Meditation teacher Oren Jay Sofer shares a pragmatic guide to living a life of meaning and purposein a time of great social, environmental, and spiritual upheaval. Through touching stories, insightful reflections, and concrete instructions, Sofer offers powerful tools to strengthen our hearts and nourish the qualities that can transform our world. Each chapter guides you to cultivate a quality essential to personal and social transformation like mindfulness, resolve, wonder, and empathy. You’ll learn ways to:
·         Find more choice and freedom in life
·         Strengthen focus, sustain energy, and accomplish goals
·         Identify burnout and take steps to renew yourself 
·         Imbue your daily activities with clarity and vitality
·         Respond more effectively to collective challenges

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Hardcover | 304 pages | 978-1645472001 | November 21, 2023