Publisher Testimonials


"Fauzia Burke has been on the web promoting books from the very beginning, and I have consistently admired her perfect balance of creativity with practicality. She knows exactly what kinds of web promotion will drive book sales, and doesn't waste your time or money with distractions. She gets results, and is also a pleasure to work with."
— Madeline McIntosh

"Highly knowledgable, reliable, communicative, and a real pleasure to work with! I'd recommend Fauzia and FSB Associates to any author for outside publicity and marketing support."
— Jennie Canzoneri 

"I've worked with Fauzia Burke and her colleagues on many Vanguard Press titles (both fiction and nonfiction) over the last five years, and feel strongly that there is no other firm in the Internet publicity/social media space that has their extraordinary level of creativity, strategic thinking and consummate professionalism. Fauzia and her associates are continually exploring new and exciting ways to expand and enhance author brands in a volatile and changing marketplace, and I can say without hesitation they are the cream of the crop."
— Roger Cooper

"Fauzia was enormously helpful to us at Workman. She gave us the tools and the training we needed to focus our online marketing efforts, in ways that will pay off for years to come."
— Bob Miller

"Henry Holt has been working with FSB since the inception of the company in 1995. They have continually delivered high quality Web sites and Web Outreach campaigns that sell books."
— Maggie Richards

"Fauzia Burke's company has provided an invaluable service to us at Atria books by innovative and effective use of the internet to promote our authors and their work. Always effective and reliable I have no reservations in hiring or recommending Fauzia and her company."
— Judith Curr

"Thanks for all your great work on In Harm's Way. I've been telling everybody that one of the reasons the book began selling right out of the gate was the fabulous Internet campaign you put together, and I'm sure the work you're doing will continue to drive sales . . . In an interview with Doug Stanton, [Don] Imus said he thought the site was really good, and I heartily agree."
— John Sterling

"FSB Associates has been a tremendous added force to our online marketing campaigns. They are creative, produce results, and give detailed campaign summaries. They are also honest and reliable and will even turn down a project they feel they cannot deliver on. They are a terrific team to work with and I highly recommend them."
— Tina Constable

"Fauzia is one of the smartest, most well-organized, most forward-thinking web gurus around. Her presentations are phenomenal and since she's been working in online marketing & publicity since the mid-90s, she knows the online world like no other. I can't recommend her highly enough. She also happens to be one of the nicest people on the planet."
— Michael Taeckens

"Fauzia Burke knows better than anyone how to utilize the broad and sometimes confusing array of digital marketing tools on behalf of books. She has highly specialized skills and knowledge that enable her to harness the power of various internet platforms – from Facebook to Twitter, and everything in between. In addition, she knows how to measure and analyze key indicators of online success. She is focused on results – and the fact that she approaches internet marketing from the perspective of a publishing person makes her insights especially valuable."
— Walter Weintz

"Fauzia immediately grasped what made us 'us' and never for a moment tried to change that, which made her advice actually useful. We never felt as if we were being pushed into some social media pigeonhole."
— Susan Bolotin

"Fauzia is our number #1 go-to for our company's authors who are looking to build their platform or supplement our in-house marketing efforts. Always professional, delightful, creative and inspiring. I'd trust her with anything!"
KJ Grow

"Over the years I have hired FSB Associates to assist with a variety of online marketing campaigns efforts. Fauzia Burke and her team deliver sound results that are measurable. In addition, they add a personal touch on top of their professional standards that makes working with FSB a real pleasure. i would highly recommend FSB Associates as a terrific solution for your next online marketing needs."
— Peter Costanzo

"Fauzia knows better than anyone how to use social media to publicize books and authors, and she's a wonderfully enthusiastic promoter."
— Hector DeJean

"One of the major reasons that the Vanguard Press edition of The Prosecution of George W. Bush has made it on to The New York TimesBestseller (and five others) without any print ads or major media coverage is because of the passion, innovation and Creative energy of FSB Associates. They truly helped turn this controversial and provocative book into a grassroots bestseller with their terrific Internet marketing campaign."
— Roger Cooper

"Fauzia and the team at FSB work hard to deliver online publicity and social media campaigns that produce sales results. In addition they provide detailed reports about their outreach efforts that measure their influence in promoting books."
— Stacey Ashton

"I have known Fauzia for many years and have worked with her on varied campaigns. She is absolutely the best and I recommend her highly."
— Suzanne Wickham

"I have had the advantage of seeing Fauzia's work both from the perspective of a writer and a publisher. She knows the book market extraordinarily well and she has exceptional online contacts. She generates great results and her efforts echo long after the original publication. I think she's a boon to any book publication."
— Lou Aronica

"Fauzia has great energy and insight into the online PR world! I would recommend her to any author trying to expand into the internet."
— Elise Capron

"Fauzia delivers excellent campaigns for our books. Her team is creative and always reliable!"
— Avideh Bashirrad

"Fauzia is smart, articulate, and has an excellent understanding of online marketing. I regularly use her company FSB Associates to manage our online marketing campaigns and build websites. I highly recommend her company and services."
— Jane Comins

"We hired Fauzia to promote our Levenger Press book, The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Lifeonline and she did a wonderful job. Google the title or my name (the author) and you'll still see the fruits of her labors. She knows her stuff and her enthusiasm comes through with real results. We'd hire her again in a heartbeat."
— Steve Leveen

"I've hired Fauzia and FSB for multiple projects and have always had my expectations exceeded. Fauzia understands what is important, how to make it happen and doing business with her is a pleasure. Her work on launching The Intellectual Devotional was instrumental in promoting the book and hitting the bestseller lists. I highly recommend Fauzia to anyone interested in broadening their marketing and public relations reach to new media."
— Cindy Ratzlaff

"Without hesitation I recommend the firm of FSB to any author or publisher looking for internet/Web solutions. Fauzia and her team truly become your partners in creativity and the work they produce will impress and amaze."
— Robert Kempe

"We began working with FSB in 2003 with The South Beach Diet and have been thrilled with their work ever since. They have an excellent staff of professional and diligent Web publicists. When the FSB Team has a campaign, your authors are in good hands and the hits will follow."
— The Rodale Trade Books Publicity Department 

"We're so happy with the results from . . . FSB — we saw our ranking on Amazon jump from 100,000 to 10,000 today and suspect it's due to the blog article that's appearing everywhere. These are all pre-orders. Thanks for all your help."
— Liza Murphy

"When it comes to publicizing a book on the web, nobody has the range and expertise of FSB Associates."
— Larry J. Kirshbaum

"Thanks so much for your work. We were extremely pleased with the campaign. You really helped spread the word on the audiences we were looking to reach. It's been great to work with you, and I look forward to working with FSB again."
— Jennifer Levine

"Thank you for all the hard work you and your team have done for our titles. We're lucky to have you working with us."
— Katie Wainwright 

"FSB played a key role in the marketing of Chris Rice's novel A Density of Souls. The website they developed is visually interesting, and offered a completely new dimension to the book. Our author was pleased, and so were we."
— Kathy Schneider

"You did a wonderful job — not only did you get results, but your office was very professional and pleasant to work with."
— Carisa Hays

"We keep hiring FSB Associates because they are simply the best at what they do. They really pay attention to what each book is, and stop at nothing to find that book's potential audience on the web. And that keeps us coming back for more."
— Bob Miller

"I would certainly use FSB again. I know that a lot of hard, smart work went into their campaign for our book, The Passion of Mary Magdalen."
— Paul Cohen

"In only a matter of weeks, you've taken our Quietus from modest obscurity to the top of the independent bestseller's lists! Sales demand for this book has increased fivefold and awareness has reached immeasurable levels. Suddenly, our author is in demand for radio and T.V. talk shows, internet chats, newspaper and magazine feature stories. Major national reviewers that previously 'passed' on covering the book have come back with glowing '. . . we almost missed this gem...' sort of reviews. Quietus was just added to Booksense 76, was just picked up by a major mail-order book club, and just received a substantial contract for reprint rights from one of the major houses. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I think it's more a result of the hard work and successful placements that FSB generated for the book! Your team, including your internet family and media outlets, cumulatively form the 'collective consciousness' that was needed to make lots of noise for Quietus! Thanks again for your wonderful results."
— Eric Parkinson

"It's two months after the end of your campaign and we're still reaping the benefits!"
— Thomas Hallock

". . . Fauzia showed herself to be organized, smart, efficient, enthusiastic, and, most of all, forceful in a way that ensures jobs undertaken are jobs implemented and jobs successfully completed . . . You will not go wrong by entrusting your important projects to Fauzia and her firm."
— Greg Hamlin

"Wow! I can't bear the enthusiasm; Good work."
— Jerry Lyons

"FSB is the premier internet book marketing firm. They consistently get our titles placed visibly and effectively with retailers and user groups, and they get them reviewed on-line. I recommend them highly and enthusiastically."
— James A. Levine

"I'm delighted with the website FSB Associates designed for my new agency. John and Fauzia Burke were creative, efficient and full of excellent advice every step of the way."
— Denise Shannon